NEET 2020: Complete Syllabus for Physics


All the candidates who wish to pursue a career in the medical field should gear up to take a step towards their dreams. National Testing Agency (NTA) will conduct the National Engineering Eligibility Test (NEET) 2020 on 3 May 2020 all over the country. All the candidates preparing for the NEET 2020 examination should be well versed with the examination pattern to compete with the numerous candidates all over the country to get into the top medical colleges.


The examination will be consisting of 3 sections including Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. The syllabus will be including topics from classes 11 and 12.


In this article, we have covered the syllabus for Physics which includes topics from classes 11 and 12.


Class 11 Class 12
Physical World & Measurement Electrostatics
Laws of Motion Magnetic Effects of Current & Magnetism
Kinematics Current Electricity
Work, Energy & Power Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Currents
Gravitation Optics
Motion of System of Particles & Rigid Body Electromagnetic Waves
Properties of Bulk Matter Dual Nature of Matter & Radiation
Behaviour of Perfect Gas & Kinetic Theory Electronic Devices
Thermodynamics, Oscillations & Waves Atoms & Nuclei


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