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As the exam season is on the verge, a major question is bound to arise in the minds of all engineering aspirants - how to ace the VITEEE exam 2020? VITEEE is the abbreviation of the Vellore Institute of Technology Engineering Entrance Exam. As the name suggests, it is the entrance test for the prestigious VIT. 


What is the VITEEE exam pattern? 

The VITEEE exam is conducted in a duration of 2 hours and 30 minutes. However, instead of conducting the entire exam in one sitting, the sections per day are divided. The five sections of the exam are as follows - 

  • Physics 
  • Chemistry 
  • Mathematics/ Biology 
  • English 
  • Aptitude 


The total number of questions in the exam is 125, with a specific number of marks allotted to each section. This allotment is as follows - 

  • 35 marks - Physics 
  • 35 marks - Chemistry 
  • 40 marks – Mathematics or 40 marks - Biology 
  • 10 marks - Aptitude 
  • 5 marks - English 


This means that under both circumstances, the candidate has to attempt 125 questions. It is important to note that there is no negative marking for any incorrect answer. Therefore, you must strive to attempt each and every question possible. 

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What is the VITEEE syllabus for 2020?

The subject wise syllabus for VITEEE is as under: - 


Physics - 

  • Laws of motion & work, energy, and power 
  • Properties of matter
  • Electrostatics
  • Current electricity 
  • Magnetic effects of electric current 
  • Electromagnetic induction 
  • Dual nature of radiation and atomic physics
  • Semiconductor devices & applications 


Mathematics - 

  • Trigonometry and complex numbers 
  • Vector algebra 
  • Differential equations
  • Differential calculus 
  • Integral calculus 
  • Probability distributions
  • Analytical geometry of two dimensions 
  • Analytical geometry of three dimensions 


Biology - 

  • Cell and molecular structure
  • Genetics and evolution 
  • Human health and diseases 
  • Biotechnology and its applications 
  • Biochemistry 
  • Human physiology 
  • Plant physiology 
  • Biodiversity, ecology, and environment


Chemistry - 

  • Atomic structure
  • P, D and F block elements 
  • Electrochemistry 
  • Alcohol and ethers
  • Carbonyl compounds 
  • Organic nitrogen compounds 
  • Thermodynamics 
  • Carboxylic acids and their derivatives
  • Isomerism in organic compounds 


Aptitude - 

  • Data interpretation 
  • Data sufficiency 
  • Number series 
  • Coding and decoding 
  • Calendars 
  • Clocks and directions 
  • Syllogism 


English - 

  • Grammar 
  • Reading comprehension 


Why is time management necessary? 


A large portion of one's performance in any exam depends upon his preparation before the exam and time allotment while writing the exam. Likewise, The time management skills of any candidate are crucial while attempting the VITEEE exam. That's why you must focus on the time allotment for each section of the question paper and see to it that each section is completed in due time so that there are no chances of missing any portion. Moreover, if you maintain a stable speed and follow optimal time limits, you will be on the safer side due to the low frequency of mistakes occurring. 

What are the tips to crack VITEEE 2020? 


Some exam related tips can be adopted, which can come to great help. They're as mentioned below - 


  • Arguably, the most important step you must take before beginning with the exam is to read the question paper thoroughly and make an estimate of the level of difficulty in each section. 
  • After doing this, you must allot certain specific time frames to each section and begin with the questions you feel the most confident about. The time allotment to each section should be done on the basis of your own convenience rather than following a particular format or general time frame. 
  • Always and always ensure that you do not exceed the time limit. If this happens, you might end up wasting a lot of unnecessary time after a particular set of questions, which will cause you to lose marks in the questions you know. 
  • Accuracy in the answers is paramount. You must write the answers straight to the point without any misleading statements. Also, clarity of handwriting and neatness in the answer sheet is very important because if you don't maintain these, there are high chances that your marks will get reduced as the examiner might not be able to read what you have exactly written.

Other general tips can help in creating a better strategy for the question paper and improving performance in the exam such as - 


  • Practice as much as you can! There is no substitute to practice when it comes to exams. This is especially applicable to those who have opted for mathematics as sums can never be mugged up. You must solve a variety of sums of each kind instead of a large number of sums of the same pattern. This way, you can cover a much larger portion of your syllabus within a lesser amount of time. 
  • Make use of the previous year's question papers and write mock tests to enhance the overall paper writing skills. Thoroughly analyze the question paper in terms of difficulty, sections, important topics, weightage of each question, and others. 
  • Always make sure that you write the mock test in the same time frame as in which the actual exam is to be conducted. This way, your body can adjust to the biological clock in a natural way, and you would have an added benefit in the exam. 
  • While preparing for the exam, your prime focus should be on the areas where you are not comfortable. When it comes to those sections, you must try to improve gradually and ensure that you do not get stuck in the same as it would lead nowhere and even cause harm to the preparation of the stronger sections. 

Which colleges can you apply to after VITEEE? 


Contrary to general belief, the number of VITEEE colleges is not limited to just one institute. Various colleges accept the VITEEE exam, and they are as stated below - 


  • Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai for B.Tech in computer science and engineering 
  • VIT University, Chennai for B.Tech in computer science and engineering 
  • VIT University, Bhopal for B.Tech in aerospace engineering 
  • VIT - AP University, Amravati for B.Tech in computer science and engineering 

If you wish to undertake VITEEE online preparation, the EduWhere Edge Pass can come to your rescue. You can find not only a variety of mock tests but also important information regarding the VITEEE exam, which you might not have been aware of earlier. Another advantage of the EduWhere Edge is that you can gain access to multiple courses and exam preparation through just one subscription. This way, if you wish to appear for more than one exam, you do not need to buy mock test papers for each of them separately. The subscriptions can be bought for either a one-month duration or a three-month duration at Rs.99 and Rs.199 each, respectively. This way, you can prepare for the exams as per your own pace and the amount of time you have before the exam. 

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MHT CET 2020 – Maharashtra Common Entrance Test 2020 is a state-level engineering entrance exam conducted by Maharashtra State Common Entrance Cell, Mumbai. It was scheduled to be conducted in the month of April on the dates 13th to 17th (excluding 14th) and 20th to 23rd. However, due to the COVID- 19 outbreak, the exam is postponed until further notice.

It is an online entrance examination conducted for admission to B.E/B.Tech courses offered by 342 institutes across Maharashtra. Lakhs of candidates appear for MHT CET Exam every year.  But it’s only a few who crack the exam with flying colours. Here are a few guidelines that may help you crack the exam with an outstanding performance.




The first and foremost parameter that needs to be run over by the students appearing for MHT CET examination is the exam pattern. A better understanding of the pattern will help you in analyze and allot time for each section. The MHT CET Exam Pattern is as follows:










Paper I







Paper II










Paper III

Biology (Botany)






Biology (Zoology)




There is no negative marking for wrong answers.



Prepare for MHT CET 2020 WITH Eduwhere




MHT CET Exam syllabus is yet another important factor after exam pattern in deciding the time allocation for each question. As per the latest MHT CET notice, the questions in the examination will be application-based. The syllabus of the exam will be based on State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary education. In the examination, 20% weightage will be given to standard XI curriculum and 80% weightage will be given to standard XII curriculum Students seeking admission in Engineering shall opt for PCM (Physics – Chemistry – Mathematics) and those seeking admission in Pharmacy or other health science courses shall opt for PCB (Physics – Chemistry – Biology). Following is the standard wise MHT CET 2020 examination syllabus.



The MHT CET 2020 exam has a huge syllabus which makes it impossible for students to have a thorough knowledge of each topic. Thus, to make it easier we have evaluated and prepared a list of a few important topics. Students should not miss preparing these topics and should have a thorough knowledge of it.




  • Chemical Thermodynamics and Energetics
  • Coordination Compounds
  • p-Block elements
  • d-Block and f-Block elements
  • Alcohol Phenol Ether
  • Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen
  • Solid State
  • Chemical Kinetics
  • Solutions and Colligative Properties




  • Kinetic Theory of Gases and radiation
  • Atoms, Molecules and Nuclei
  • Oscillations
  • Rotational Motion
  • Electrostatics
  • Electromagnetic Induction
  • Magnetic Effects of Current
  • Semiconductors
  • Wave Motion




  • Integration
  • Trigonometry
  • Functions
  • Calculus
  • Three Dimensional Geometry
  • Differentiation
  • Probability, Limits, Continuity and Differentiability
  • Vectors


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Maharashtra Board has recommended a few books that shall cover the syllabus of MHT CET examination. These books should be given first preference while preparing for the examination. Having referred the mentioned books, students may then shift to reference books as suggested by their seniors or mentors for further knowledge. The list of prescribed books for MHT CET 2020 is as follows:





Marvel Physics for Medical & Engineering Entrance Exam

A. J. Bapat

Marvel Prakashan

MH-CET Engineering Solved Papers 2015-2004 with 5 Complete Mock Tests

Various Experts

Arihant Publications

Pradnya's Objective Mathematics

C. S. Patil

Nikita Publication, Latur

Chemistry for MHT CET (MCQ)

Mayur Mehta and Chitra Joshi

Marvel Publication


After completely referring to the above-mentioned books, students should evaluate themselves by taking the test online. Eduwhere gives it’s students an opportunity to take up MHT CET 2020 Mock test online by enrolling for Eduwhere Edge pass.




  • Start preparing as early as possible. Experts advise starting preparation from the very first day of STD XI
  • Pay proper attention in class. This will lessen your load at home.
  • Choose your MHT CET study material wisely. Books with higher level may end up in confusing you.
  • Study each topic thoroughly. Understand the topic instead of mugging up. Better understanding lasts longer.
  • Try to cover more number of topics. The more you know the more you can answer.
  • Timely evaluation is necessary. Don’t wait for the completion of the syllabus in order to take up the mock test. Testing yourself regularly will help you understand how well is your understanding of the topics studied.
  • After completing the two or three chapters, revise the topics again and again so that you don’t lose hold of the completed topics.
  • Don’t forget the must do-topics. If you find it difficult to understand take help of your seniors or your teachers and make sure you know these topics in and out.
  • Divide the topics of MHT CET Exam syllabus according to your convenience – subject wise, topic wise or marks wise. This will help in fast and easy preparation.



  • Read the question slowly and properly. Rapidness in understanding will only give you a bad result.
  • Don’t waste extra time on any one question. If any question puzzles you, leave it at the moment and move to the next one. Once you have answered all known questions and you have time then come back to the unanswered ones.
  • Make sure you clear the sectional cut-off. Keep the track of the confidently answered questions of each section. This will help you analyze your position and the marks you need to clear sectional cut-off
  • If in your MHT CET Exam, any section appears difficult then expected then try and answer the number of question that will help you overcome the sectional cut-off. Rest you can work on later once you have finished answering the known questions in the paper.
  • Avoid using any shortcut methods that may have been shared to you by your peers but you are not confident about.
  • Avoid guessing answers while going through the question paper for the first time. For the first time, you should answer only those questions that you are sure of.


MHT CET exam is your gateway to the future. Make sure you prepare well. Take timely evaluation test on by subscribing for Eduwhere Edge pass for 3 months at Rs 199. The constant evaluation will help you identify your weak areas and help you strengthen them. 


Your performance in this exam will decide where and with whom will you spend the next 4 years of your life.  

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The outbreak of Coronavirus or COVID- 19 has kept all of us locked inside our homes. Most of us are working from home and trying our best to spend a productive day along with being safe. It is also a difficult time for the students as most of the exams are postponed to avoid mass gathering. 

During such situations, candidates should utilize their quarantine time in a better way. It’s good to treat this time as an opportunity to score well in the exams. But how to do so?

All the schools, colleges, universities and coaching institutes are closed. Even group studies are not possible! We understand that this time is tough. But Eduwhere is here to make it better for you.

Here are the best tips to study from home during COVID- 19.



Study from home with Eduwhere


  • Have a routine with fitness: Now that you are at home 24*7, you can just not study but work on making a schedule for your fitness along with studies. Remember, 21 days are enough to form a habit. So let's form a healthy and study in peace. Now that most of us follow the Eat, Sleep, Chill, Repeat routine. It’s time to add more productive steps to it. So let’s call it Eat, Exercise, Study, Chill, Sleep, Repeat. A fit and healthy body help in better focus and concentration while studying. So don’t be a sloth, start working out and make it a habit along with your studies. Also, don’t forget, meditation always helps.


  • Stay socially connected with social distancing: You are away from your friends and teachers because you are being a responsible person. Well done! But how do you maintain your social life and maintain social distance at the same time? You’ll definitely need new lessons, study tips, a little bit of chit-chat and group discussions to study efficiently. Take up online classes and learn from your teachers. Take this as an opportunity, you don’t have to worry about getting late for classes. Just relax at home in your pyjamas and learn! Also, don’t forget to check on your friends and discuss your study topics and pattern. It’s time we all need to help each other.


  • Done with Theory. Start practising now: We understand that often you run out of time due to your busy schedule and skip on practising and proper revision. But guess what, now you have all the time in the world. So walk into your home library and take your time to practice as much as you can. Mark your doubts and work harder on them along with your study buddies and maybe reward each other after the ‘Who solves this question first?’ contest! It’s your chance to make studies fun!


  • Get competitive with Eduwhere Edge: It's no fun to study without knowing how good you are doing in every subject. But how would you compare your preparation level with other candidates? Eduwhere to the rescue here! With Eduwhere’s Edge Pass, you can get access to 300+ mock tests and start preparing for your exams instantly. All you need to do is visit, buy the Eduwhere Edge Pass, choose a mock test and start practising. Once you submit the test, Eduwhere’s detailed analysis report will let you know about your rank and performance among all the candidates who took the same test. Also, you get instant and detailed solution for the mock tests. So start taking the Eduwhere mock tests now and ask your friends to join you as well.


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  • Don’t skip entertainment: The lockdown can be stressful and you may feel trapped. But always remember, it is for the sake of having a safer and better future. So make the most of this time for bonding with your friends and family. Maybe play a game of monopoly or cook a delicious meal with your folks. Talk, discuss, study hard, share knowledge and ideas. This shall pass too and you’ll be all set for your exam!

Stay indoors! Stay safe! Stay happy!


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The COVID-19 outbreak has brought the world to a halt. The massive outbreak of Coronavirus across the globe has resulted in a ripple effect of the pandemic at multiple levels. The outbreak has affected the world badly and has resulted in an economic slowdown, obstructed the international travel and trade, secluded the public and so on.


In case of Education, according to a report by the United Nations Educational, Science and Cultural organisation, approximately 290.5 million students have been affected worldwide, owing to the closure of schools, cancellation of classes, delay in exams etc. To support India’s proactive measures of containing the spread of COVID-19, all schools and colleges have been closed and the private institutions have moved their classes online. However, a serious concern lies ahead of learners preparing for competitive examinations. They are unable to access learning resources during the very last days of their preparation. Having all the major entrance and university exams between now and the next two months, they have no other option but to carry out exam preparation from home with the available resources. The list of examinations that have been postponed due to this pandemic is as follows:



  • VITEEE 2020
  • MHT CET 2020
  • JEE MAIN 2020


For the students preparing for the entrance exam, to add a cherry to the cake is not knowing the date of their entrance exam. Between this chaos, it has become difficult for the students to focus on their preparation. Thus, to bring an end to this situation, Eduwhere hereby presents some important tips to focus on the preparation of the upcoming entrance examination.

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Refresh Yourself

First and foremost thing that every student needs to do is freshen up. Change of mind is required to engage entire attention towards the exam preparation. Thus, it is better to dedicate one day to doing something that will help you throw away the negative thoughts and bring in the positivity. Activities such as gardening, watching comedy movies etc and staying away from the NEWS will surely help in flushing away the negative thoughts and bringing in the positive energy.


Follow a Routine

Set a Routine. Staying home is a task in itself. This time staying home is a mandate and not an option. So set a routine. This time of the year would have been the time of revision and mock tests. But with the classes shut, it is you who has to evaluate and analyze your own score. Thus, set a routine in which you allot time for revision as well as for mock tests. In order to help students in these difficult times, Eduwhere is providing Eduwhere Edge Pass for Rs 1 for 1 month to help students for online exam preparation. Helping candidates prepare from home has become our utmost priority in these difficult times. Through this pass, candidates will get complete access to all the available online mocks at Eduwhere.

Avoid Distractions

Try to avoid distractions. With everyone at home, distractions cannot be stopped but they can be avoided by making the family members aware of your routine and asking them to support you in your routine.

Take Help

Having family members by your side can also prove to be a blessing in disguise. You can always take help of your parents or siblings on difficult topics. You can take their help in revision as well.



Stay safe and study with Eduwhere Edge


Enroll for online coaching

If your coaching institute has set up online lectures or classes, do enrol for these classes. This will help you revise the topics and brush up your knowledge.


Stay connected with your coaching institutes’ online doubt clearing platform. Exam preparation from home may result in the creation of doubts. Thus, through these platforms, you can get your doubts solved and move further in your preparation.


Share your mock tests results with your coaching instructor or tutor regularly. Their analysis of your mock test results will help you know your weak areas and how to work upon them.


It is this digital age which has made it possible for students to stay home and prepare for their upcoming entrance examinations. With COVID-19 around and exams on the head, these tech-enabled platforms will help students learn and evaluate themselves by staying in the safety and security of their homes. This will also yield better outcomes as a lot of time will be saved and invested in working on the weak-scoring areas. For further preparations, do enrol for the Eduwhere Edge Pass which is available at Rs 1 for 1 month and start giving mock tests online.




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Humanity is going through a tough time fighting a horrid war against coronavirus today. The lockdown period has pushed the world towards a complete standstill, with doctors and medical staff worldwide fighting relentlessly to stop the virus from spreading. So needless to say, you should also do your part too by staying at home and preparing for your exams which have been postponed. 


Looking at the flip side, it can be said that students who are appearing for their board examination have benefitted to some extent, from this international emergency due to coronavirus. Now is the time to strengthen their exam preparation with mock tests online.


You might wonder that after so many months of preparation, what more can mock tests do to boost your exam preparation at home during this lockdown. 


 Buy Eduwhere Edge Pass for your exam preparation 


Well, even during this phase when you are gearing up for the remaining tests, mock exams online on Eduwhere can bring you a world of benefits, because - 


You can test strategies and understand the most effective one


Yes, you are preparing all the formulae, the theories, the concepts and what not? But lapping up the correct strategy is very important, especially with exams postponed. Now in this emergency, due to the Covid-19, a deadly and very contagious virus, you need to understand how much ready you are for the examinations. Mock tests will help you to strategize how to carry out the preparation to score pretty well. 


You can learn new ways to solve numerical questions


Mock-tests are usually a little bit tougher than the original exam-papers hence when you are solving difficult problems, you are taxing your brain to find out new solutions. This, in turn, helps you to solve easier problems in no time. Basically, you get seasoned properly. Sometimes you need to think of new ways to solve a problem based on the concept itself. 


Learn better time-management 


Taking mock tests will be your perfect partner as far as online test preparation is concerned. You will start solving papers under time constraints which will give you a fair share of an idea of how you have to manage your time while solving question papers during the actual examination. You will be able to understand how much time you have to dedicate to each section to complete the paper in time. If you want to perform well, you must also understand the pattern of the question paper and you should be thorough with it and mock-test papers help you with that as well. All this is required to make sure that you are always spot on!


Practice makes a man perfect


Practice is all you need while preparing. This is a good time to practice, you have been given a chance with exams postponed, so do not let it go in vain. Learn the basics, the concepts, formulae and everything else only to apply the concepts while solving mock-test papers. While solving the papers you might face difficulty, you might get stuck but this will help you to understand how much you are prepared and where you are lagging. The more the mock test papers you solve, the more used to you become with the different types of problems. The practice also increases your tenacity to continue studies for long hours at a stretch. 


Analyze your performance better by taking mock tests


Every student must solve the question papers and understand the mistakes they have made. This understanding will help them to know how much they are likely to score in the examination. Check your paper, make the correction wherever necessary and remember the solutions. 


Stay Indoors and Study with Eduwhere


If you are one of the students who want to score well in your board examination then this is the right time for you to start exam preparation at home with the mock-test papers provided online by Eduwhere. 


Eduwhere is one of those rare online platforms that have made things easier for students with their wonderful initiative of offering the Eduwhere Edge Pass for INR 1. With this pass, you can reap benefits for 1 month just by paying this nominal fee. You can become a member and get access to all the online mock test papers available on their site. This philanthropic gesture ensures a better future for every student who wants to put in his or her best and leverage the tremendous benefits of affordable online test preparation


Mock tests are perhaps the best way to make the most of your time during the lockdown period because you have got another chance; not everyone is lucky enough to get a second shot. So stay at home, stay safe, and study well while you still have time because once the Covid-19 emergency ends, it will be time for you to prove your mettle.


Remember, rough times never last but tough people always do!


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Everyone welcomed 2020 with a bash and a hope that it would turn out being a great year for all of us. Instead, it turned out to be completely opposite of what was expected. The novel coronavirus or Covid- 19 has affected the entire globe to such an extent that people are locked in their houses for days now and it isn’t sure when this will end.

It is time for every citizen to behave in a responsible way and stay indoors. People are working from home and schools are closed. Several important exams that were lined up are postponed by the conducting committees. 


Here is  a list of all the examinations postponed so far:


CBSE postponed all the remaining board exams of classes 10 and 12 scheduled to be held between March 19 and March 31


The IIT JEE Mains exam was scheduled between 5 and 11 April. The National Testing Agency (NTA) postponed the JEE Main exam due to the Covid- 19 outbreak. The new JEE Main dates will be informed to candidates through their registered email ID and phone number.


The Uttar Pradesh Subordinate Services Selection Commission (UPSSSC) recruitment exam for the post of Junior Assistant and Clerk Exam 2016 was scheduled to take place between March 18 to March 26. The exam is now postponed until further notice.



Study from home with Eduwhere Edge



Medical Entrance Examination National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is also postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak and as the lockdown is will continue till April 15.


The Staff Selection Commission examination has postponed the CHSL Tier 1 exams for all further dates are postponed. The new dates will be announced on the website in future.


The Vellore Institute of Technology conducts the Engineering Entrance Examination for Vellore, Bhopal and Chennai campus. The VITEEE 2020 examination was scheduled to take place between 13 - 19 April. The examination is now postponed until further notice.


The MHT CET examination for aspirants to take up admission in the top engineering colleges is conducted every year. The exams for MHT CET were scheduled from April 13 to April 23, 2020, and have been postponed till further orders.


The MAH MCA CET 2020 exam scheduled to be conducted on March 28 has been postponed. 


RBI Assistant Main Exam to be held on March 29 has been postponed.


Kerala Public Service Commission or KPSC which were scheduled till April 14 have been postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak.


The Tripura Board Exams and Tamil Nadu 11th class exams are postponed till further notice.


The Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) recruitment exam which was scheduled to be held on March 22 has been postponed.


The Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) has announced that the BPSC Assistant Engineer recruitment exam which was scheduled to be held on March 21, 22, 28, and 29 have been postponed.


The Karnataka SSLC Exam 2020 scheduled to be held from March 27, 2020, to April 9, 2020, has been postponed.


The decision to postpone all the exams follows Prime Minister Narendra Modi announcing three-week lockdown of the country to prevent the spread of coronavirus and save lives of the citizens.


To provide a helping hand in this situation, Eduwhere offers the Edge Pass to all the candidates only at Rs 1 for 1 month. With the Eduwhere Edge Pass, candidates can take online mock tests for their upcoming exams and prepare from home. Hurry now, offer ends on 31st March 2020.


Eduwhere Edge Pass for your exam preparation



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March 24 is observed as World Tuberculosis Day every year to build public awareness about the global epidemic

of tuberculosis faced by several people and to make efforts in eliminating them.

Get the Eduwhere Edge Pass at Rs 1 and practice from home for your upcoming exams. Visit and get your pass now!

Offer valid till 31 March!

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Here is Eduwhere's Quiz of the day!

Type the correct answer in the comments.

Also, Buy Eduwhere Edge Pass just for Rs 1 and get unlimited access to all the mock tests.

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There are more than lacs of law aspirants in our country, and everyone is aware of the national law entrance exam CLAT - Common Law Admission Test. The importance of CLAT as an entrance test for admission in law schools for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies is massive, as this is recognized by multiple different public as well as private law schools across India. For all those who are supposed to appear for the CLAT 2020, we are discussing every important detail related to the same. 


So firstly, let us begin with the dates: -


  • The application form for CLAT will be available on 1st January onwards. 
  • The aspirants can submit it till 31st March, as it would be available online till then. 
  • The fee for the exam can be paid until the last week of March. 
  • The admit card will be released during the third week of April. 
  • The date of the CLAT exam is 10th May 2020.
  • On the very next day, which is 11th May 2020, the answer key to the exam will be uploaded online. 
  • The final answer key will be made available to the aspirants on 18th May 2020. 
  • The results will be declared on 24th May 2020. 

CLAT Exam Preparation With Eduwhere


The details of each of these are as follows: -


Application form - 


  • From 1st January 2020, the application form for the exam will be released online. The exam aspirants should duly fill the form with utmost honesty as incomplete or incorrect forms will not be proceeded in the process. 
  • A valid phone number and email address must be provided along with the form. Apart from that, relevant passport size photographs and other necessary documents are mandatory to be submitted. 
  • Till 31st March 2020, the forms will be available online, so even if any individual has been late, s/he can apply for the exam till the end of March. 


Fee payment -  The fee for the CLAT exam is to be paid through online mediums. The use of credit and debit cards, as well as net banking, is acceptable. This can be done until the last week of March. 


Issue of admit card -  Out of all the candidates who have applied for the exam, the eligible ones are given an admit card within the third week of April. This card comes with the necessary information regarding the exam center, its location, test schedule/ table, and so on. 


Conducting exam - The CLAT exam will be conducted on Sunday, 10th May 2020. The rest timings will be 3 to 5 pm. However, the candidates are advised to reach earlier by an hour or so with the admit card and valid ID proof to the concerned center. As the online format of the exam has been removed, it will be taken in a pen and paper-based offline mode. 


Eduwhere Edge Pass at Rs 1 for your exam preparation


Result announcement - The results of the CLAT 2020 will be declared on 24th May 2020 on the official website of the authorities, which is, and along with that, a provisional merit list will also be released. 



What is the eligibility for CLAT 2020?


As per the level of course for which the exam is given - undergraduate or postgraduate, the following points are to be kept in mind. 


Undergraduate (UG) courses: -


  • Age - There is no upper age limit. 
  • Nationality - The candidate must be an Indian citizen. NRIs can also apply, but they must contact and consult with the concerned universities directly in matters related to admission. 
  • Qualifications - The candidate must hold a Higher secondary school certificate or an Intermediate exam or any equivalent 10+2 qualifying certificate from a recognized board. 
  • Minimum marks - The candidate must have a score of a minimum of 45% in their certificate (if belonging to a general category) and a minimum of 40% in their certificate (if belonging to SC/ST category). 


Note: The students appearing for the qualifying exam in March / April 2020 are also eligible to apply for the CLAT exam. 


Postgraduate (PG) courses:


  • Qualifications - The candidate must hold a valid graduate degree in law from a recognized law school/University. This can be either LLB/ Integrated LLB (Hons.)
  • Minimum marks - A minimum score of 55% for the candidates of the general category as well as 40% for those of the SC/ST category is mandatory as the eligibility for CLAT. 


Note: The students appearing for the qualifying graduation exams are also eligible to apply for PG CLAT exams. The age and nationality requirement is similar in both the levels of the exam. 


What are the course options available after CLAT? 


CLAT opens the doors to various law courses throughout the nation for the candidates where usually, a variety is seen in the graduation courses. These include - 

  • LLB (Graduation - Bachelor of law) 
  • Integrated courses of law such as BA LLB, BSc LLB, BCom LLB, BBA LLB, and others. 
  • LLM (Post graduation - Master of Law) 


In which colleges can you apply after CLAT? 


CLAT can be considered as the nationwide pass for multiple law courses as it is accepted by the 22 National Law Universities (NLU) across India as well as by more than 50 private law colleges. 



What is the exam pattern for CLAT 2020?


  • Exam mode - Instead of conducting through the internet, the CLAT exam is to be conducted in an offline mode. 
  • Duration - A total of 2 hours will be allotted to the candidates to write the exam. 
  • Total marks - For both levels of the exam, a total of 150 marks will be set in the paper. 
  • Question style - The paper style in the UG exam will be based solely upon Multiple Choice Questions, whereas in the PG exam, the questions will be divided into two sections: Objective and Descriptive. 
  • Marking - For each correct answer, one mark will be given, whereas, for each incorrect answer, 0.25 marks will be deducted. 
  • Language - The exams will be conducted only in the English language. 

How to prepare effectively for the exam? 


In order to ace the question paper, strong CLAT exam preparation is a must. The following points can be taken into consideration - 

  • Preparing notes - The first and foremost step you must take is studying thoroughly through your books and making important notes of each and every segment. 
  • Mock tests - Mock tests are very important in the context of performance in the actual exams as they can help you in identifying your strong and weak points and also give an idea about the time frame in which you can complete the actual exam. 
  • Revision - After receiving the law exam notification, the time available for preparation becomes very limited, and that's when you must make the most use of the notes instead of mugging up your entire study material. 

To all those of you who are looking out for sites that provide an all in one solution, Eduwhere Edge Pass is just the place. CLAT online exam preparation has never been easier as you can get access to multiple notes and mock tests online at just one subscription from Eduwhere. Options for buying a monthly pass, as well as a three-month subscription, are available on the site. This way, you can prepare at your own pace and convenience.

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Vellore Institute of Technology Engineering Entrance Examination or VITEEE is one of the most popular National Level Engineering Entrance Exam in India. Cracking this exam, students will be able to enter one of the prestigious Engineering colleges in India called the Vellore Institute of Technology. 

The examination is approaching and hence we have prepared this article that will help you with all-round preparation tips that will help you to excel in the exam.


Important dates for VITEEE 2020


Some important dates that you should remember if you wish to appear for VITEEE 2020 are –

The exam will be conducted in a computer-based mode between from 13th to 19th April 2020

The last date for registration of eligible candidates is 22nd March 2020

The result will be declared on 30th April 2020


The exam dates can be updated due to the coronavirus pandemic as mass gatherings are now restricted to ensure the safety of the citizens. Stay tuned at Eduwhere Community for further details.

Prepare for VITEEE exam with Eduwhere


The exam will be held for 2.5 hours at the VITEEE campus and will test knowledge about Chemistry, Physics, Maths/Biology, and English. The exam will be held in 124 Indian cities and 4 International cities like Dubai, Qatar, Muscat, and Kuwait. To sit for the exam, the aspirant needs to get 60% in aggregate in Chemistry, Physics and Maths/Biology in the higher secondary examination. 


Around 2 lakh students sit for the exam each year and compete for 5000 available seats. So it goes without saying that you need to gear up smartly to face competition and fare well. You can boost your preparation with online VITEEE mock test on Eduwhere.


Some quick highlights of the exam are -


Name of the exam

Vellore Institute of Technology Engineering Entrance Examination or VITEEE

Application mode

Online and Offline

Exam mode


Duration of exam

2.5 hours

Official website


You will be able to book the exam slots from the second week of March after you have done the registration. Once you have booked the slot, you will be able to download the admit card immediately.


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Coming to the schedules, the exam will be conducted in 3 shifts per day. For each paper, the students will be given 2.5 hours. The exam will be held on the given dates and the day of the exam depends on the registration number and exam centres.


Session I

09:00 am to 11:30 am

Session II

12: 30 pm to 3: 00 pm

Session III

4: 00 pm to 6: 30 pm


VITEEE exam pattern

The exam will consist of 125 MCQ questions. The question paper is divided into 5 parts -

Part 1 – Mathematics/Biology, 

Part 2 – Physics, 

Part 3 – Chemistry, 

Part 4 – English, 

Part 5 – Aptitude.


If you are appearing for the MPCEA segment (i.e. Maths/Physics/Chemistry/English/Aptitude), then you will be eligible for all the engineering degree programs, namely B.Tech.


VITEEE exam candidates appearing for the BPCEA segment (i.e. Biology/Physics/Chemistry/English/Aptitude) can only take up engineering for Bio streams. This will include Bio-Engineering, Biotechnology, CSE (specialization in Bioinformatics) and ECE (specialization in Biomedical Engineering). However, you will need to register for Mathematics as a bridge course.


It is important to note that no marks are deducted for wrong answers in this examination. You will only be able to take up the exam in the English language.


In the below table, we have listed the pattern of VITEEE 2020 -


Section Number of Questions Maximum Marks
Physics 35 35
Chemistry 35 35
Mathematics/ Biology 40 40
English 5 5
Aptitude 10 10


How can you prepare?


The exam will be held in April, so there is less than one month left. Spend more time on the subjects that you find more difficult to deal with. 

Instead of trying to mug up basic concepts, it is always recommended that you focus on understanding the concept and do some self-assessment. That way it becomes easier to remember the fundamentals, leaving out any chance of forgetting. 

Try to take as many VITEEE mock tests as you can. Solving sample papers will help you gain more confidence and also formulate strategies that can help you during the exam.


To crack VITEEE 2020 with good marks, you will need to prepare a robust timetable. You need to focus on the following topics from the VITEEE syllabus and allot equal time to all of these topics to strengthen your preparation.


Subjects Topics to focus on 

Electrostatics, Magnetic Effects of Electric Current, Current Electricity, Electromagnetic Induction, and semiconductor devices, Optics, Thermodynamics



Electrochemistry, Organic Nitrogen Compounds, Atomic Structure, Alcohols & Ethers, Biomolecules, Carbonyl compounds


Mathematics Integral Calculus and its Applications, Analytical Geometry of Three Dimensions, Vector Algebra
English Grammar and Comprehension
Aptitude Data Sufficiency and Data Interpretation, Numbers series, Syllogism, Decoding and Encoding, Calendars and Directions, Clocks
Revision Allocate at least a week for revision, VITEEE mock test and solving previous year test papers


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Which books are recommended for preparation? 


Picking up the right books is another thing that you should keep in mind to crack the exam with good marks. In the table below we have listed some reference books that will prove to be helpful to you for cracking the VITEEE exam.



Arihant Series - DC Pandey

Concepts of Physics (Vol 1 and Vol 2) - HC Verma

Physics MCQ Multiple Choice Question Bank - D Mukherjee

Physics Class Class 12 (part 1 and part 2) - NCERT



Conceptual Problems in Organic Chemistry - DK Singh

Essential Organic Chemistry - Ranjeet Shahi

Chemistry Class 12 (part 1 and part 2) - NCERT



Objective Mathematics Part 1 and Part 2 - RD Sharma

Problems in Calculus of One Variable - IA Maron

VITEEE Solved Papers and Mock Tests - Disha Experts


VITEEE is not very tricky and the questions come directly from the books. With the right exam schedules and techniques, you will be able to score good marks in the entrance.


Some tips to follow during the exam


If you find it difficult to solve any question then do not waste your time trying. Instead, move to the next question and come back to it later if you have time.

Keep in mind that you will need to clear sectional cut-off as well as an overall cut-off.

In case you find any section to be challenging, then try to solve the minimum number of questions that will help you to clear the cut-off.

Make sure that you read all the questions carefully before solving, sometimes they can be really tricky.

If you are not sure about a short-cut method, then do try to use that in the exam.




With the right preparation and systematic way of studying, you will be able to crack the VITEEE exam with flying colours. Don’t forget to take mock tests online that cover the entire VITEEE syllabus thoroughly, like those available on Eduwhere.


Just be confident and give your finest shot. Best of luck!


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