Classroom Teaching Practices for Effective Student Learning

With a dynamic terrain, the classroom brings together students from colorful capacities and personalities. To involve students in high-viscosity reading and jotting instruction, a schoolteacher must have the capability to deal with each and meet students' requirements. Dr. (Mrs.) Bharti Swami, Principal at Vidhyashram, one of the best International school in Jodhpur, brings in a set of best classroom teaching strategies to inspire your classroom practice.


Tip# 1 Begin with a short recap

For durability and literacy that endures, I can not stress enough on this practice. More importantly, don't just repeat the old word. Instead, a set of precisely planned and named inquiry questions put all the assignments into the environment. This will give you an accurate picture of where your students stand and which areas need to bere-visited.


Tip# 2 Use visual tools effectively

You may or may not have a smartboard in your classroom, but as a schoolteacher, you know the significance of illustrations in creating an impact on learners. Numerous students don't indeed process words but suddenly understand a complex idea through the right images. You can be creative and use endless cut-outs, use slides, short vids, and if nothing differently, go for the traditional table system on a chalkboard. But don't skip this vital step no matter which age group you're feeding to.


Tip# 3 Group work

This practice is getting popular in classes but is frequently inadequately planned. The success of group work depends on (a) assigning the correct quantum of time for the exertion, (b) furnishing the props needed for it, (c) Giving clear instructions, (d) Balancing the capability situations in the colorful groups (e) Instant feedback after the group exertion. Both preceptors and students frequently misknow flip tutoring. Assigning work without apparent literacy objects and guided exploration can lead to a veritably superficial class.


Tip# 4 Integrating technology

In a world where information is fluently accessible to all, it's veritably boring for a pupil to sit through a PPT—loaded with textbooks and information. Preceptors mustn't substitute the text with a slide. Instead, use only an image, a keyword, and a two- nanosecond videotape to stimulate a perceptive class debate. Planning it ahead and constantly revising and streamlining your tech material is vital.


Tip# 5 Academic Honesty

Explain to students what quantities to plagiarism and how to write original work and cite sources. Unfortunately, numerous preceptors don't fit part- model this precious and necessary virtue. Preceptors must work with a schoolteacher librarian from the primary school position itself so that originality and pupils' voices get their due.


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