How to Memorize General Knowledge for Competitive Exams

Do you wish to boost your memory naturally? This post is only for you if you are preparing for the Indian Government Competition Exam and want to learn strategies for remembering General Knowledge (GK) and other brief questions and answers. The majority of pupils remember the one-number questions and answers, but they quickly forget them after two or three days. In this situation, you should try these top 20 ways to recall general knowledge (GK) for a long period if you wish to remember all the questions and answers. Here, we've covered some natural ways to improve memory. I sincerely hope that these pointers would be useful to you while you prepare for competitive exams such as IAS, UPSC, SSC, Railways, Air Force, Banking, and other numerous competition exams. Let's begin, then.


1. Examine the Questions and Responses in Your Mind

When studying the Gk question answers section of the book, take your time and attempt to scan the questions while keeping the possible answers in mind. so that your mind may readily come up with the response when someone asks the question. Consider reading the Capital of Japan after that Examine the answers attentively on your book page and make an effort to mentally scan the page. Then the solutions won't ever leave your head. The first time is difficult, but with persistence, you can succeed. So try to tell me what's going on with you. because one of my friends actually exemplifies this. He recalls it since it is written there in the book. So you may try as well.

2. Continue to think about the queries and responses.

Recite the query and solutions using what you've just read in mind. time you are in the room while you are working, sleeping, or even just eating. similar to washing brushes, clothes, etc. I'm saying that you should be thinking about the book page where you read the question and answer section. Particularly the questions that you quickly forget after some time. So make an effort to ask yourself those questions often in your head. You must eventually retain that query for a long period. So give these suggestions a try. I wish you the best of luck in learning and remembering. So give it a shot.

3. Record the Name and Date of the Difficult Answers.

When you are doing something like eating fruit, cooking, waking up, etc., repeat the questions and answers from your notebook if you keep forgetting certain difficult ones. You can remember the answers for a very long period if you see them repeatedly. Therefore, these suggestions could potentially be very helpful to you. Try it, then.

4. Try to go to bed and wake up early.

Try to get to bed on time and get up early every day because morning wind greatly enhances memory ability. Therefore, you ought to walk every morning. A morning walk promotes mental health. Therefore, you must get up early and go for a walk if you want to learn and remember the answers for a long period.

5. Daily workout and yoga

Your memory can be improved through yoga and exercise. So practice daily for 30 minutes by following some Ramdev BABA Yoga advice. Going to the gym regularly can also aid in improving your memory. So if you don't do yoga or go to the gym, start doing so right away to improve your memory.

6. Play outdoor games and refrain from watching too much television or using a mobile device to play games

Outdoor games like cricket, football, hockey, Kabaddi, and others should be played. Try playing badminton, tennis, and other motion-based games if you're a girl. It makes our bodies more active and improves memory.

Avoid spending too much time playing mobile phone games, watching TV, or working on the computer because doing so causes our minds to grow weary and such activities also damage our memory. So, if you want to learn GK for a long period, try to stay away from these things.

7. Group discussions are essential


As you are aware, learning and discussing in a group is crucial from the standpoint of the competition when preparing for an exam. You can assess your place in the group in relation to the other guys' ability to answer the questions. You must therefore study and converse in groups. When you have a discussion, the questions and responses are fairly simple to recall. The greatest approach to learn and retain general knowledge is through this method. Making a group of guys who are prepared for competition exams and studying together for 3–4 hours is therefore advised if you decide against participating in group discussions. It makes passing the test very simple.

8. Focus only on your work when you are studying.

Never let anything else enter your mind when studying. You should just concentrate on your study materials. When they recall the GK quiz, many men have numerous thoughts. You could never remember the solutions in this situation. So, when learning, do not think. If someone or anything distracts you while you are studying, such as a loudspeaker, TV, radio, or people noise, you should find a quiet spot to study. So do give these suggestions a try as you learn GK.

9. Consume excessive amounts of water and light fare

Water should be consumed in excess all day. Water is important for keeping the mind clear. so that you may hydrate while studying. Always eat light; abstain from consuming a lot at once. The things you learn are never retained in your mind when you eat excessively and feel sleepy. Light meals are therefore beneficial for learning general knowledge and studying for exams.

10. If you have a girlfriend or wife, let out your erotic mood.

These days, young people are quite concerned about it. Both boys and girls can use it. Don't disregard the intercourse when you feel it whether you are in a relationship or married. You should do it whenever you want to keep your mind sharp because the mind naturally gravitates toward erotica more than study material. You probably understand what I'm trying to communicate.

Hope you would fully satisfied with all the above tips and tricks to increase your memory powers and remember the GK and current affairs for a long time.

Thanks for reading! Good luck!