Top 10 mistakes to avoid in IBPS Clerk exam preparation


IBPS Clerk exam 2019 is approaching soon on 7, 8, 14 and 21 December 2019. This is the time when almost all the aspirants must have already started the revision of IBPS clerk syllabus. Usually, due to pressure or stress, candidates end up making a few mistakes that drastically affect their score in the final exam. These mistakes can be during the exam preparation or while writing the exam like not following the exam pattern, choosing irrelevant study material or not paying attention to the time management during the final exam. In this blog, we will talk about some common mistakes that you should avoid while preparing for IBPS Clerk exam.

Not going through the exam notification properly

Some students miss reading between the lines when the exam notification is released. For instance, missing even a minor detail in the eligibility criteria of the document related information can become the reason for your application’s rejection. Make sure you carefully check the exam notification immediately after it is released by the exam conducting body.

Some quick exam details from IBPS Clerk 2019 notification.

To make it easier for you, here we provide you with the important details regarding IBPS Clerk 2019 from the official notification released on September 12, 2019.

  • The exam will be conducted in two stages: Preliminary and Mains
  • IBPS Clerk 2019 will be conducted in the online format
  • The exam will be conducted for 12,075 posts
  • Candidates between 20-28 years of age are eligible to apply for the exam

Not following the exam pattern

Over the years, the exam conducting body has introduced many changes in the IBPS Clerk exam pattern. So, just going through the exam syllabus is not enough; you also need to follow it to give your IBPS Clerk preparation in the right direction. From the type of questions asked in the exam to the marking scheme, total marks, total time and the sections covered, you need to pay attention to every detail and make it a part of your preparation strategy.

IBPS Clerk 2019 exam pattern




Number of sections



Sections covered 

English, Numerical Ability and Reasoning Ability

General English, Reasoning Ability and Computer Aptitude, General/Financial Awareness and Quantitative Aptitude

Duration of exam

60 minutes

160 minutes

Number of questions



Total marks



Language of question paper

English & Hindi

Mode of exam



Irregular study routine

This is one of the biggest mistakes, candidates make during IBPS Clerk preparation. They just make the study plan not a constructive plan. Be it the sequence of subjects or the hours you spend on each section, there should be consistency in your preparation plan. Further, you should also make a realistic preparation plan while keeping your strengths and weaknesses in the mind.

Not focusing on the accuracy

Usually, in an attempt to gain more marks, students end up focusing on quantity over quality. Candidates try to answer all the questions without bothering about the accuracy and when the result is announced, get shocked to see their marks. They also forget the fact that wrong answers through guesswork will attract negative marks that will ultimately reduce their score.

No strategy for the exam day

Just completing IBPS Clerk syllabus is not enough to clear the exam. To ensure that you score well to grab the job, you also need to make strategies for the exam day. You should be aware of techniques and tricks to attempt answers in different sections. This is possible only when you solve regular mock tests and previous year papers.

Missing tips and tricks

The only way to solve 100 questions in 60 minutes is by following some tips and tricks, which candidates miss while preparing for the exam. Using lengthy problem-solving route will not take you anywhere. You need to master the shortcuts to quickly solve questions in the exam. However, looking for so many tips and tricks can spoil the plan.

Wrong question selection

You question selection has a huge impact on your performance and score in the exam. You should be able to tell whether a particular question is worth attempting or not with just one glance or cursory reading. A question that takes away a lot of your precious time acts as speed as well as confidence breaker. These questions are deliberately put in the exam and you should be able to stay clear of such traps.

Unbalanced time allocation

Immediately starting to solve questions without judging how much time should be invested in each section is another mistake you should avoid in the exam. As every section is important, you should spend 5-6 minutes on getting a bird's year view of the questions and then allocate time for each section. It will help you cover all the sections and solve the required number of questions to meet the minimum cut-off.

Clerical and Calculation Errors

When answering questions in sections like Quantitative Aptitude, the possibility of calculation and clerical errors is high, which you must avoid at any cost. Errors, like copying the wrong data or marking the wrong option in a hurry, can impact your score. The only way to avoid these errors is to concentrate well and stay patient during the exam.

Forgetting the weightage

In a highly competitive exam like IBPS Clerk, aspirants' focus should be on meeting the cut-off and qualifying marks. Rather than solving all the questions, you should first try to cover important topics to get the minimum score as it will only help you reach the next phase of the exam.


To ensure that you meet IBPS Clerk 2019 cut-off, you should target the same when solving online mock tests also. Look for the platforms where you get online practice tests as per the latest exam pattern and the similar marking scheme. Also, analyse your score after every exam, go through the performance analysis reports, work on your weaknesses and make your strategies for the exam day to effectively manage your time.