Top Scoring Topics for IBPS Clerk 2019 Examination


The IBPS Clerk Prelims examination will be conducted on 7, 8, 14 & 21 December 2019. IBPS will recruit 12074 candidates for the post of Clerical Cadre. Every year, a number of aspirants enrol for the IBPS Clerk examination to get a job with various facilities, job security and handsome salary package. To grab this opportunity, the IBPS Clerk 2019 candidates will have to go through the Prelims, Mains and Interview process and the best of all will get selected. If you are one of the aspirants dreaming about cracking this examination and pursue a career in a reputed bank, Eduwhere is here to help you happily. 


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So far, as all the candidates would be busy with their preparation and revision based on IBPS Clerk syllabus, it is common that not all the candidates can do good in every section and every topic. So let’s take a look at the top-scoring topics for IBPS Clerk 2019 that will help you in planning a strategy. 




Before we begin, let’s take a quick look at the IBPS Clerk 2019 examination pattern.



No of Questions

Maximum Marks

Time Allocated

English Language



20 mins

Quantitative Aptitude



20 mins

Reasoning Ability



20 mins


Section-wise topics:


Let’s cover each section according to the IBPS Cler Exam Pattern and filter the most important topics.


IBPS Clerk English Language 

In this section with  30 marks, candidates having a good command over language can do good. Here are some important topics for IBPS Clerk English Language section.


  • Reading Comprehension- Reading Comprehension can either make or break your game as you will come across 2 passages with 10 marks. Working on your reading and understanding for this section to deal with the story-based scenarios presented to you is a must. This can include solving passages, reading newspapers and articles daily. Questions based on the passage summary including synonyms and antonyms will be included in this topic.


  • Error Spotting- With 5- 10 questions related to spotting errors and sentence improvement this section includes conditional sentences, subject-verb arrangement, various articles which would test your grammar skills.


  • Cloze Test- With a scenario provided to you, 5- 10 questions including fill in the blanks for passage will be given to you. Adequate knowledge of grammar and vocabulary rules is a must to score well in this section. 


  • Para Jumbles- In this entire section, Para Jumbles is one of the most scoring topics for IBPS Clerk 2019 where you will have to complete a paragraph and rearrange sentences.


  • Phrases- In the Phrases section, you will come across questions like sentence completion, replacing a particular word with a suitable phrase will be asked.


IBPS Clerk Quantitative Aptitude

The Quantitative Aptitude section for IBPS Clerk 2019 will include 35 questions with 35 marks. Candidates working hard and practising this section on a regular basis is likely to score well in this section. Let’s take a quick look at the important topics.


  • Number Series- With 5-7 questions asked in this topic, questions related to completing number series in the pattern including squares, cubes, number pattern, difference pattern etc will be asked.


  • Data Interpretation- Questions including Bar Graphs, Pie Charts and Tabular DI will be asked in this section for around 10 marks. For one DI section, you will be asked 1-5 questions which can help you score well.


  • Data Sufficiency- You can expect 5- 6 questions from this section of IBPS Clerk where you will come across a variety of questions.


  • Quadratic Equations- Solving equations and figuring out the values of variables will be included in this section. Preparing well for this section can help you get 4-5 correct ones in your list.


  • Simplification- For this extremely scoring as well as confusing topic, you can expect 10 - 15 questions including numerical ability, BODMAS rules with questions related to Tables, Squares, Cubes, Cube Roots, Square Roots etc will be asked.


IBPS Clerk Reasoning Ability

This section will test your logical and reasoning skills. According to the IBPS Clerk exam pattern, 35 questions with 35 marks will be asked.

  • Blood Relations- This is a very commonly asked and popular topic which includes puzzles including family relations and figuring out the relation of a specific person. You can normally expect 2-3 questions.


  • Seating Arrangements & Puzzles- In the seating arrangements section, your reasoning skills have to be strong to score well in this section of IBPS Clerk  2019. You can expect questions including circular arrangements, square arrangements, linear arrangements.


  • Syllogism- Practising well on your logical skills for scoring up to 5 marks in this section is a must. This section will also include reverse syllogism in the IBPS Clerk paper.


  • Coding-Decoding- With sentence or word-based coding related questions in this section, 5 questions can be expected.


These are all the top-scoring topics in the IBPS Clerk Exam pattern which you should not miss at any cost. Scoring well in all thises topics can surely help you get through the first round and a step closer to your dream.


Other topics include Profit & Loss, Inequality, Input-Output, Order and Ranking etc. Don’t miss practising well for these topics too.