How to focus on General Awareness for AFCAT Exam

With AFCAT 2019 just a few days away, all the candidates must have already started giving the final touch to their preparation. Many candidates have already revised the complete syllabus and have started solving mock tests as well to check their preparation level. 

As all the aspirants know, as per the AFCAT syllabus, there are four sections including Verbal Ability, Numerical Ability, General Awareness and Reasoning & Military Ability. For all the other sections candidates can go through the syllabus once and then can focus only on the revision and practise papers, but to score well in general awareness, they need to stay updated with the latest news. From having knowledge of the latest announcements to what's happening across the world, candidates need to keep an update of everything. This section can give you many unpredictable questions, but with the right strategy, you can still score well in GK section.


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If you are worried, how to focus on General Awareness for AFCAT exam, here is the solution to your problem. 

AFCAT General Awareness Exam Pattern

For a few years the below-given trend has been noticed in the GK section covered in AFCAT exam:

Science - 30% marks

Current Affairs - 20% marks

Indian Polity - 20% marks

Geography - 20% marks

History - 10% marks

Now let's have a look at the topic-wise preparation of General Awareness for AFCAT:


Science students have an added advantage here over students from other streams. The section covers basic science concepts for which you can refer to your previous yearbooks. After going through the syllabus once or twice, you should majorly focus on solving AFCAT mock tests to check how well you have understood the topics.

Current Affairs

As the name suggests, here you need to focus on the latest updates by referring to resources like newspapers, magazines, news apps etc. Keep a notepad handy to note down every important date, event or announcement. Majorly the questions in this section are from:

  • National and international current affairs
  • Financial and economic updates
  • Five-year plans and budget
  • Sports
  • Inventions and discoveries
  • Defence news related to army, air force and navy
  • Government scheme launches

Indian Polity

This is one of the most difficult sections of all in which just going through the syllabus won't help. You need to read the best AFCAT books and make your own notes to easily remember what you learnt. You basically need to learn books on Indian constitution that is divided into Legislature, Executive and Judiciary.


This is the subject you can prepare just by reading the books once or twice. However, to score well, you should majorly focus on Physical features of India, Rivers, Mountains, and deltas and estuaries of rivers.


With the selection of good AFCAT books like Lucent or Manorama Yearbook or you can easily get strong command on the topics like dates, who, what, when etc. The best way to cover this section is to make datelines like Ancient, Medieval and Modern.

An additional tip - Learn the dates and events as if you are reading stories to easily remember them during the exam. 


All the best for your exam from team Eduwhere!