Preparation Tips for CLAT Current Affairs and General Knowledge


CLAT or The Common Law Admission Test is a national level exam providing admission to 20 National Law Universities of India. CLAT Exam 2020 is a 2-hour admission test comprising of objective type questions on the subjects Elementary Mathematics, English with Comprehension, General knowledge & Current affairs, and Logical reasoning.


CLAT Aspirants are often more concerned about the current affairs section of the exam compared to the rest of the sections. This section helps in conserving time and score well as the questions are direct and factual. The CLAT Current Affairs and General Knowledge section comprise of questions from static GK and Current Affairs. This questions of this section comprise of a passage of 450 words and will be based on news, journalistic sources and other non-fiction writing. The aspirants need to answer the questions related to this passage. The questions will be fashioned to test the candidate's knowledge of legal information or the same related to the passage. No question beyond this passage will be asked. The subjects included in this section are 

Arts and Culture

International Affairs

Contemporary events of significance from India and World

Historical events of continuing significance


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To prepare for this section of CLAT Exam 2020, aspirants must follow certain techniques and well-planned strategy. These steps prove beneficial for students. Below are a few tips that might prove helpful in preparing for this section.



Before starting preparation, go through the past 5-year CLAT papers. Know how the questions are framed and how the questions are asked from the news events. This will give you an idea on the method of processing every news item when you read it because reading it for competitive exam is different from reading it for information.



CLAT 2020 Exam Pattern suggests that aspirants need to remain up to date. They must get hold of a monthly magazine such as Competition in Focus or Competition Success Review. A significant part of this material is relevant to CLAT. 



Today’s digital era has made it easy for everyone to stay in touch with the latest news. Whilst preparing for CLAT, aspirants shall make sure to read newspapers such as The Hindu, HT, The Economic Times, Indian Express, The Guardian, etc. Besides this, they can also opt-in reading online publications such as DNA India, Livemint, Firstpost, Livelaw, etc. Reading paper daily should become a habit instead of necessity. Magazine covers most of the relevant news but does not skip reading a daily publication.


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The two most popular current affairs websites are Jagranjosh and GK Today. They cover the topics month-wise and day-wise and are updated daily. Their quizzes are a little tough compared to that required for CLAT Exam 2020 but referring them will surely help aspirants gain knowledge of current affairs.



Don’t hover on every available material of the currents affairs. General Knowledge and Current affairs are vast and never-ending subject. It has a pool of sources but doesn’t waste time in referring them all. Just stick to one newspaper and make the judicious use of the internet. While referring these, keep in mind the syllabus for CLAT Exam 2020. As the passages are expected from these topics.



Currents affairs are not subjective and are very short. Making notes makes it easy for you to understand and remember facts and data. Highlight the notes with inks of different colour depending on their importance. Notes will help you in the last days of preparation.



CLAT Current Affairs and General Knowledge is a vast subject and requires a lot to remember. Thus, it is advisable to take timely tests of this subject making it easier for you to know how well you remember the topics. You can take the tests on Eduwhere has introduced Eduwhere edge pass at the rate of Rs 199 for 3 months and Rs 99 for 1 month for CLAT aspirants to take up the mock test.


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