Eduwhere's Puzzle: Permutation & Combination

Permutation & Combination from the Quantitative Aptitude is an important topic for various competitive exams including banking, management, railways, etc.


Here is a set of questions related to Permutation and Combination which will help you to brush up your skills. But before attempting this, ensure that you are aware of all the important formulae in Permutation and Combination section.


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For 1st question:

Solution: for ordered triplets, we need to add 2 sums b/w 3 natural numbers. eg. there are 10 1's, we need to add 2 plus b/w them.


1 + 1_1_1_1_1 + 1_1_1_1 = 1+5+4=10

So there are 9 places and two add for 3 numbers additionally we need ordered triplets so 1,5,4 and 4,5,1 are different.

i.e 9C2 =36

2nd Question answer is 60 ????