10 Pro Tips to Dodge Failure in Banking Interviews


The banking sector is much sought after in today’s ambitious world. Alongside the desirability of the banking jobs, are the challenges that one faces while getting through the recruitment process. This process is ideally divided into two phases- the first being the standard competitive examination, which is followed by a particularly daunting interview.  


While an interview is the last step in the selection process, giving your best shot is the only choice one can look for. The banking interview questions range from general to financial and consequently to scenario-based questions. 


The banking interview part must be equally practiced and prepared besides the examination. For most parts, the interview pattern remains the same, irrespective of what bank you’re pursuing. To get well versed with the whole interview situation and what might come your way while you sit in front of the interviewers, certain tips come in handy. 


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Let’s see how to condition yourself for a mind-blowing interview session.


•    Dig in into the details of the bank you’re interviewing for-


A mandatory of three to four questions feature from the background of the bank and the post that you’ve applied for. To ensure that you excel in this area, conduct a thorough research study about the bank concerned and the profile that you’re longing for. Furthermore, an additional and unavoidable step would be to scan the bank’s website thoroughly to get the maximum benefit. This will ensure that you have answers to the basic banking interview questions.


•    Dress in accordance with the norm-


When you enter the interview space, the first thing that can leave a remarkable impression on your employers is the way you dress up. This determines whether you’re a deft professional or not. Most banks require their employees to carry decent formals. 

Women should opt for light, plain saree, suits or a three-piece suit. Less usage of makeup and avoiding chunky jewelry can get you some extra brownie points.

For men, a light colored shirt, alongside dark trousers, a tie and a blazer are ideal. Grooming your beard and hair is also necessary. 


•    Attend to the non-verbal cues-


In an interview, your body language speaks louder than your words. The panelists are on a constant watch for the kind of non-verbal cues that you generate. Constantly fixing your hair, shaking legs, avoiding eye contact, nail-biting are some signs that might put you across as a nervous, under-confident person. 

On the contrary, a positive body language can be maintained by using your hands and expressions in the optimum amount while answering a question. 


•    Punctuality is the key-


Since an interview is your first interaction with your probable employers, you would want to put your best foot forward. Getting late for the interview can give a contradictory opinion. Therefore, punctuality must be ensured at any cost. Try reaching the venue 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the interview session to avoid complications.


•    Analyze your resume-


The resume is of vital importance for any occupation, including the banking sector. Your resume can convince your employers about your proficiency in various fields. This makes it important to remain brutally honest in the document. 

Pretentiousness won’t take you a long way because your resume is minutely scrutinized and you’re questioned about the same. So reflect what you truly are.

Moreover, follow a chronological order while preparing the resume as it is convenient and comparatively simplified for the interviewer to evaluate.  


•    Practice mock interviews-


Online mock interviews can be of great help to a candidate who desires to secure his position in a bank. This will help you analyze the pattern of questions asked, categorize them for preparation purpose, and frame your answers to create the optimum effect. 

The situational questions asked in the online mock interviews will help you understand the kind of scenarios that can be presented to you and what kind of response is expected of you. Evaluate your progress in such mock interviews and study the areas that you need to work on. Online portals such as Eduwhere.in come in handy during the preparatory period. 


•    Brush up your general knowledge-


General Knowledge can be of paramount importance as far as banking interview is concerned. Reading an English newspaper can serve the purpose the best in this situation, as most interviewers prefer English as the medium of answering questions. Not only does the reading help with the increment of knowledge, but also equips you with vocabulary for different situations. 

Preparing the notes for General Awareness of at least six months before the actual interview can help you brush up the details at the end moment. 


•    A study of the frequently asked questions-


Test your knowledge level by addressing the frequently asked questions before stepping into the actual preparation process. This will help you have a clear picture of how much you know and what are the areas that you need to work on.  In addition to this, it will also assist you in directing your preparation to the right path as you will have a decent idea of what topics are covered in a job pertaining to the banking sector. 


•    Don’t belittle those you have worked for-


If you think that demeaning your former employers and glorifying the current banking institution will make a good impression, you’re on the wrong track. The way you address those who have once given you an opportunity in the career front, says a lot about the kind of person you are. 

The panelists expect you to be humble and respectful of all those you’ve worked for. 


•    Prepare questions to ask the interviewer- 


Make a list of questions that are relevant to the job profile and the banking sector. Politely request the interviewer to answer these towards the end of the interview. This will not only add to your knowledge bank but also portray you as an intrigued and passionate candidate who wishes to discover details about the bank he’s pursuing. 



Banking Interview can be cracked if you mold yourself as a sedulous learner and constantly keep practicing the online mock interviews as well as do your research work well enough to answer what’s expected from you. As far as the research work for gathering the information is concerned, websites such as Eduwhere.in present well-structured guideline, which can prove beneficial for the aspirant.