5 common mistakes you should avoid while preparing for CAT exam


The journey of entering the dream business school is common to many career enthusiasts these days and the obvious path is clearing CAT exam. Although cracking CAT fetches you everything that you can ever long for, it’s a hard shell to break. As daunting as the syllabus appears, the preparatory phase can lead you to the road of despair if not strategized in the right manner.

The toil and the hard work that one needs to put in to realize this dream cannot be cut short. But, certain precautionary measures can be taken into account to ease the process and assure that one reaches the destination.


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Below are listed the 5 commonest mistakes that aspirants make while preparing for the CAT exam and ways to move past them.


Not devising a study plan

The preliminary phase of the preparation involves analyzing the syllabus, noting down one’s weaknesses and working on those areas predominantly. This is the step that students generally tend to skip. They straightaway begin by taking a topic from the syllabus, irrespective of evaluating their strengths and loopholes.


How to counter the challenge?

The first step in formulating a plan would be to understand the sections that are questioned in the CAT exam. The sections comprise of questions from Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability, Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation, and Logical Reasoning. Taking a mock paper first is the best way to begin. This will help you get a black and white picture of what you know and what you need to work on. Your study structure should focus on your weaknesses but don’t forget to brush up your mastered sections. You can take the mock test on Eduwhere.in. Here you’ll find a wide pool of tests designed to groom the students and check their progress as they move ahead with preparation. 


Over-emphasising a subject/Neglecting a subject

One very basic reason as to why students fail while taking the CAT test is due to the imbalance in their study strategy. This may mean that they are focusing too much on certain subjects, for example, practicing Quantitative Aptitude and Verbal Ability, for they are intimidating. The second case can be less focus laid on subjects like Comprehension and Data Interpretation.


How to counter the issue?

The CAT exam tip for dealing with this shortcoming would be striking a balance. Overconfidence in specific areas shouldn’t be the case. Practice all the subjects thoroughly as the easiest question can be a bummer at times. If you know your positive points, work on solving those questions in lesser time than you would normally do.


Not drawing a pattern from previous years’ papers

The biggest asset one has while preparing for CAT is the accessibility to the previous years’ papers. One of the paramount loopholes is not using these papers to one's advantage. Candidates fail to draw a pattern of the questions asked from these papers, thereby not understanding what and how questions are formulated by the examiner.


How to overcome the challenge?

If you’re appearing for CAT 2019, the foremost thing to do after evaluating one’s strengths and weaknesses are to take the papers of the past five years and notice the kind of questions that have featured from each section. The better understanding of the pattern transforms the hard work into smart work and facilitates the process.


Dodging the scoring subjects

For any competitive exam, it’s vital to have a clear idea of what subjects can be scoring, especially when negative marking plays an essential role in deciding the fate of an aspirant. This is the concept that students fail to understand. Consequently, they end up failing to get the trick of the trade.


How to tackle the challenge?

The CAT exam tip to envision sections that can help you increase your score is phenomenal. Data Interpretation, Reading Comprehension and Reasoning Ability can be your areas of fetching good marks if you take down the basics thoroughly and go about the question with the right strategy. You can find tests related to each section on Eduwhere.in. Taking these tests will help you assess what area is comparatively more scoring for you.


Leaving the problems in basics unaddressed

Pertaining to the complex nature of mathematical or verbal ability problems, candidates generally fail to acknowledge the role of basic concepts in solving the high order questions. This can lead to putting forth a wrong approach while attempting a question, thereby failing to get the desired result.


How to counter the problem?

This CAT exam tip can help candidates get through CAT 2019 easily if adopted with utmost sincerity. The way out is, to begin with, the basic of maths and resolve all the issues in understanding the basic concepts. The knots that have been left untied in the past must be approached first. This will act as a catalyst in enhancing your ability to interpret complex mathematical or verbal ability questions easily.


As you begin with the CAT 2019 preparation, keep in mind that planned study fetches the best result. Hard work coupled with a neatly formulated plan for studying is the pro CAT exam tip. Moreover, approach the paper in parts and as a whole. Devote a decent amount of time to each section and dive into the basics first. This will automatically equip you for solving questions of complex nature.