5 smart tips to do well in NEET Physics section


Due to the widespread pandemic COVID-19, NEET exam has been postponed by NTA. Situation outside is very critical and the authorities didn't want to put students' life at risk just for an exam. But this has also allowed students to further strengthen their preparation. You can now utilize the time to focus more on difficult sections like Physics for NEET.

You can use this additional time to strengthen your NEET physics preparation with some shortcuts. Confused where to find the shortcuts? Don't worry, we make it easier for you with five smart physics preparation tips to do well in NEET 2020.

NEET Physics Important Topics

Before moving on to the smart tips, let’s first have a look at the important topics covered in physics. It will help you understand the areas that need more time, revision and practice.


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NEET Physics – Important Chapters & Topics

NEET Physics Weightage (%age)

Physical World & Measurement


Error and Analysis

Unit and Dimension



Rectilinear Motion

Relative Motion

Laws of Motion


Circular Motion

Laws of Motion

Work Energy & Power


Motion of system of Particles and Rigid Body


Centre of Mass

Rigid Body Dynamics



Properties of Bulk Matter


Fluid Mechanics

Properties of Matter

Surface tension

Thermal expansion

Kinetic Theory of Gases and Thermodynamics


Oscillation and Wave


NEET Physics Questions & Weightage from Class XI




Current electricity


Magentic Effects of Current & magnetism


Electro Magnetic Induction




Dual Nature of Matter & Radiation; Atom & Nuclei


Electronic Devices


NEET Physics Questions & Weightage from Class XII



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5 smart tips to do well in Physics section in NEET 2020

Understand the concepts

Physics is a difficult section only when you try to cram to concepts instead of understanding them. Once you have a clear understanding of the concepts, you will love the subject and this is possible only when you follow the right approach. Focus more on concepts to understand the process of derivation to quickly solve the questions in the exam.

Follow spaced learning technique

Most of the students have specific forgetting curve which is also known as the Ebbinghaus effect. The only solution to this problem is the spaced learning technique where you repeat everything after an interval. This gets more important when you have to learn so many formulas to prepare Physics for exams like NEET.

Follow 3R strategy

The 3R - Recap, Review and Reinforce strategy is one of the best techniques to prepare Physics. Based on the weightage and difficulty level of the topics, set your goals and prioritize them for revision and review.

When revising topics and solving online mock tests for NEET, always focus on the key areas and set time goals to perform well in the final exam.

Make a list of formulas

NEET toppers suggest making a list of all the formula and keep it handy. You can also make a chart and paste it near your bed to have a look at it before going to bed. It will help you retain the information for a longer period. You can also use this list when solving the mock tests.

Don't rely on calculators

When solving numerical problems in physics, never use a calculator. Make a habit of doing mental calculations. It will help you boost your speed and make the most of every second in the final exam.

Some general tips to use the additional time

With NEET exam postponed due to lockdown, students have got additional time. During this period, in addition to the exam preparation, you also need to be careful about some other things like your health. Here are some general tips to keep in mind during this time:

  • Take power naps to keep your mind relaxed
  • Exercise regularly to destress
  • Don't get overconfident about your preparation
  • Aim high and believe in yourself

Situation outside is not in your control; but how you make use of your extra time is completely in your control. So, make the most of every additional minute you have to strengthen your NEET 2020 preparation and get ready to come out as a shining star.


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