Are Mock-Tests Necessary For Exam Preparation?



Humanity is going through a tough time fighting a horrid war against coronavirus today. The lockdown period has pushed the world towards a complete standstill, with doctors and medical staff worldwide fighting relentlessly to stop the virus from spreading. So needless to say, you should also do your part too by staying at home and preparing for your exams which have been postponed. 


Looking at the flip side, it can be said that students who are appearing for their board examination have benefitted to some extent, from this international emergency due to coronavirus. Now is the time to strengthen their exam preparation with mock tests online.


You might wonder that after so many months of preparation, what more can mock tests do to boost your exam preparation at home during this lockdown. 


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Well, even during this phase when you are gearing up for the remaining tests, mock exams online on Eduwhere can bring you a world of benefits, because - 


You can test strategies and understand the most effective one


Yes, you are preparing all the formulae, the theories, the concepts and what not? But lapping up the correct strategy is very important, especially with exams postponed. Now in this emergency, due to the Covid-19, a deadly and very contagious virus, you need to understand how much ready you are for the examinations. Mock tests will help you to strategize how to carry out the preparation to score pretty well. 


You can learn new ways to solve numerical questions


Mock-tests are usually a little bit tougher than the original exam-papers hence when you are solving difficult problems, you are taxing your brain to find out new solutions. This, in turn, helps you to solve easier problems in no time. Basically, you get seasoned properly. Sometimes you need to think of new ways to solve a problem based on the concept itself. 


Learn better time-management 


Taking mock tests will be your perfect partner as far as online test preparation is concerned. You will start solving papers under time constraints which will give you a fair share of an idea of how you have to manage your time while solving question papers during the actual examination. You will be able to understand how much time you have to dedicate to each section to complete the paper in time. If you want to perform well, you must also understand the pattern of the question paper and you should be thorough with it and mock-test papers help you with that as well. All this is required to make sure that you are always spot on!


Practice makes a man perfect


Practice is all you need while preparing. This is a good time to practice, you have been given a chance with exams postponed, so do not let it go in vain. Learn the basics, the concepts, formulae and everything else only to apply the concepts while solving mock-test papers. While solving the papers you might face difficulty, you might get stuck but this will help you to understand how much you are prepared and where you are lagging. The more the mock test papers you solve, the more used to you become with the different types of problems. The practice also increases your tenacity to continue studies for long hours at a stretch. 


Analyze your performance better by taking mock tests


Every student must solve the question papers and understand the mistakes they have made. This understanding will help them to know how much they are likely to score in the examination. Check your paper, make the correction wherever necessary and remember the solutions. 


Stay Indoors and Study with Eduwhere


If you are one of the students who want to score well in your board examination then this is the right time for you to start exam preparation at home with the mock-test papers provided online by Eduwhere. 


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Mock tests are perhaps the best way to make the most of your time during the lockdown period because you have got another chance; not everyone is lucky enough to get a second shot. So stay at home, stay safe, and study well while you still have time because once the Covid-19 emergency ends, it will be time for you to prove your mettle.


Remember, rough times never last but tough people always do!


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