How are NEET candidates dealing with the lockdown studies?

In the view of the coronavirus crisis in India, the NEET 2020 examination was postponed again and HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank announced the new exam dates. As per the revised schedule, the exam that was earlier scheduled on July 26, will now be conducted on September 13, 2020.

RP Pokhriyal shared a tweet on his social media handle on Twitter and wrote, "Keeping in mind the safety of students and to ensure quality education we have decided to postpone JEE & NEET examinations. JEE Main examination will be held between 1st-6th September, JEE advanced exam will be held on 27th September & NEET examination will be held on 13th September."

Now with this, another delay in the exam and the extended lockdown in some areas due to rapidly increasing number of corona cases, NTA NEET 2020 aspirants are juggling to get an answer to the question 'how to manage studies during this lockdown?'. Since candidates now have to spend more time on self-study, the only way to maintain the momentum is to look for some creating learning techniques.


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Though students have got additional time for the medical entrance exam preparation, there are many other lockdown effects faced by the students. Some of these include:

  • Information overload due to repeated revision of the syllabus
  • Lack of persistence to meet the target
  • Increased fear of failure due to overthinking
  • Monotonous study routine for months
  • Imbalanced self-study timetable
  • Negative impact on coaching classes as not all students find online classes helpful

Some students have already found tips to deal with the lockdown studies while others are still wondering how to manage everything. If you are also confused about how to stay motivated and continue your NEET preparation during this lockdown, check the tips below.

NEET 2020 Preparation Tips and Tricks During Lockdown

Work on your weaknesses

This lockdown and delay in the exam dates are not less than a blessing for the candidates who wanted some more time to work on their weaknesses. This is the best time when you can complete your pending syllabus and get strong command on weak areas.


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Make videos on interesting topics

Experts always say that one of the best methods to remember something for a long time is to teach it to others. If you find some topic interesting or have ideas to present it in an interesting way, you can help other NEET aspirants by making a video of the same. You can upload your videos on tips and tricks to prepare complex topics on different channels like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, to name a few.

Play online games

As the quality of online studies, there is also a myth about the online games that these just spoil the kids. If selected well and played to a limit, online games can be helpful for the students preparing for the medical entrance exams. There are many games like Hidden Folks, Hocus etc. that can help students work on decision making and problem-solving skills.

Utilize online resources

You cannot manage to put your studies on hold just because coaching classes have been closed. To score well in NEET 2020, you need to continue your preparation and look for alternate ways. Thankfully, you are living in a technologically advanced era and can easily get access to quality online learning platforms. Find the right online resources and continue your preparation. There are many online coaching providers that not only offer the study material but also help students with their doubts and also provide practise tests to help them analyse and improve their preparation.


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Find ways to manage the exam stress

Though the additional time is like an opportunity, this lockdown is taking a toll on the mental health of students. Don't let this happen with you. Look for ways to stay calm and to keep your mind fit. Meditation, Yoga and workout are some of the ways you can opt for to stay healthy and positive.

With no other option than staying at home, all you can do is utilize this time well. Follow the tips given above and make the most of this lockdown time to strengthen your NEET-UG preparation. Choose the best online platforms like Eduwhere to solve practice tests and to check your progress with the help of detailed performance analysis reports provided after every test.

Also, remember that studying more than the capacity can be harmful to both your physical and mental health. So, stay calm and revise and practice to the limit. Repeating everything multiple times won't guarantee you good scores. Instead, add some time for your health and relaxation during the extra time you have got due to this pandemic and lockdown.