How to describe yourself at a job interview

One of the interview questions that seems to unsettle job applicants is, "Tell me about yourself," which also happens to be one of the most common opening questions recruiters ask. When a recruiter asks this question, it is not an invitation to bore the interviewer with a long monologue about your life. You are being interviewed for a job, so the recruiter wants to know why you are interviewing for the job and what you have to offer - not the long wow essay you may have prepared to emaze them.

Step 1
Prepare for this interview question by reviewing your CV and highlighting specific skills, qualifications, or work experience relevant to the job you are being interviewed for. Select only the most essential facts. The recruiter should already have a copy of your CV, so there is no need to recite your entire work history.

Step 2
Develop a 'lift speech' about yourself. This short introduction includes your education, work history, and qualifications. It is a brief summary of your career and conveys why you are a suitable candidate in the shortest possible time. You may add one related interesting fact, e.g., how you developed an alphabetizer tool to optimize the work process in your previous organization. This description of yourself should be no longer than 60 to 90 seconds. A basic open-ended question like this is the perfect time for you to boast, not tell your life story.

Step 3
Describe your educational degree or any other academic credentials. If you hold any certifications, do not forget to include them if they are related to the job you seek. If the job you are interviewing for is an occupation where you have completed specific training, mention this in your brief description. Similarly, if the job is something you have always dreamed of, express this fact in a sentence or two about your career and professional goals.

Step 4
Link the qualifications you have to the job you are applying for. For example, if the job posting states that the company wants a salesperson who can produce high sales, illustrate your ability to close deals effectively when you talk about your work history and accomplishments. Be specific, mention sales figures from your previous positions and the qualities and traits to which you owe your professional success.

Step 5
Conclude your professional description with a sentence that includes why you applied and what you can offer the company.

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