How to focus on your exam preparation during COVID- 19 lockdown


The COVID-19 outbreak has brought the world to a halt. The massive outbreak of Coronavirus across the globe has resulted in a ripple effect of the pandemic at multiple levels. The outbreak has affected the world badly and has resulted in an economic slowdown, obstructed the international travel and trade, secluded the public and so on.


In case of Education, according to a report by the United Nations Educational, Science and Cultural organisation, approximately 290.5 million students have been affected worldwide, owing to the closure of schools, cancellation of classes, delay in exams etc. To support India’s proactive measures of containing the spread of COVID-19, all schools and colleges have been closed and the private institutions have moved their classes online. However, a serious concern lies ahead of learners preparing for competitive examinations. They are unable to access learning resources during the very last days of their preparation. Having all the major entrance and university exams between now and the next two months, they have no other option but to carry out exam preparation from home with the available resources. The list of examinations that have been postponed due to this pandemic is as follows:



  • VITEEE 2020
  • MHT CET 2020
  • JEE MAIN 2020


For the students preparing for the entrance exam, to add a cherry to the cake is not knowing the date of their entrance exam. Between this chaos, it has become difficult for the students to focus on their preparation. Thus, to bring an end to this situation, Eduwhere hereby presents some important tips to focus on the preparation of the upcoming entrance examination.

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Refresh Yourself

First and foremost thing that every student needs to do is freshen up. Change of mind is required to engage entire attention towards the exam preparation. Thus, it is better to dedicate one day to doing something that will help you throw away the negative thoughts and bring in the positivity. Activities such as gardening, watching comedy movies etc and staying away from the NEWS will surely help in flushing away the negative thoughts and bringing in the positive energy.


Follow a Routine

Set a Routine. Staying home is a task in itself. This time staying home is a mandate and not an option. So set a routine. This time of the year would have been the time of revision and mock tests. But with the classes shut, it is you who has to evaluate and analyze your own score. Thus, set a routine in which you allot time for revision as well as for mock tests. In order to help students in these difficult times, Eduwhere is providing Eduwhere Edge Pass for Rs 1 for 1 month to help students for online exam preparation. Helping candidates prepare from home has become our utmost priority in these difficult times. Through this pass, candidates will get complete access to all the available online mocks at Eduwhere.

Avoid Distractions

Try to avoid distractions. With everyone at home, distractions cannot be stopped but they can be avoided by making the family members aware of your routine and asking them to support you in your routine.

Take Help

Having family members by your side can also prove to be a blessing in disguise. You can always take help of your parents or siblings on difficult topics. You can take their help in revision as well.



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Enroll for online coaching

If your coaching institute has set up online lectures or classes, do enrol for these classes. This will help you revise the topics and brush up your knowledge.


Stay connected with your coaching institutes’ online doubt clearing platform. Exam preparation from home may result in the creation of doubts. Thus, through these platforms, you can get your doubts solved and move further in your preparation.


Share your mock tests results with your coaching instructor or tutor regularly. Their analysis of your mock test results will help you know your weak areas and how to work upon them.


It is this digital age which has made it possible for students to stay home and prepare for their upcoming entrance examinations. With COVID-19 around and exams on the head, these tech-enabled platforms will help students learn and evaluate themselves by staying in the safety and security of their homes. This will also yield better outcomes as a lot of time will be saved and invested in working on the weak-scoring areas. For further preparations, do enrol for the Eduwhere Edge Pass which is available at Rs 1 for 1 month and start giving mock tests online.