How to study remaining calm and positive during lockdown


Nowadays words like lockdown, quarantine, sanitizers and COVID- 19 are the most we get to hear every single day. Dealing with the lockdown, staying indoors all the time and trying to stay safe is everyone’s daily routine all across the globe. The pandemic outbreak has affected the entire world in several ways. Major events are postponed, the economy is suffering and exams are delayed too.


As we talk about exams being postponed, the aspirants are busy preparing from their home. For some of us it is work from home and some are indulged in the learn from home sessions. So for the ones who are studying from home, it might get a little boring at times as we don’t follow our regular routine. Here are some tips for all the students to stay calm and positive during this tough time.


Remember, this is not an exam strategy for any of your upcoming exams. It is just a way to help you out in doing better. So just take some time to read it and practice it in your daily life.

Plan your day and move ahead: When you have enough time for yourself, use it wisely by treating it as a golden chance to study well and not spending a lazy day. Having a routine is very necessary during this time as many of us might just lose track of time and sleep and eat at odd hours. So, make a schedule and follow it strictly.


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Follow the instructions: All the instructions given by the government and the authorities are for a better future and our safety. Follow all the instructions by staying indoors and even when you go out for essentials, make sure that you take all the required precautions.


Create your own home library: Your work environment or study environment makes a huge impact on your productivity and your learning capabilities. Create your own study space at your home to spend time with your books and focus on your studies well.


Read positive stories: Getting the best and positive content is not a very difficult task. If you look around, you’ll definitely find out several positive and motivating stories or books that can help you have a stable mindset. It is very essential to have a stable mind without distractions to get


Stay away from negative news: This is the time when you will come across news updates and various stories every minute throughout the day. Make a wise choice and try to stay away from negative or depressing news updates. This will definitely help as your mind will be free of negativity and get the strength to study well.


Never skip exercise before morning study: It is the time where you can either make it or break it. You had reasons for your early schedule and coaching classes in the morning which made you skip that morning jog, workout or a meditation session. But now that you have all the time in the world, make fitness a habit for yourself because a fit body and mind always help to have a productive day.


Time to brush up your basics: Often due to the hectic schedule of school, college, coaching and the commute involved candidates get tired and don't get enough time to study. Many skip the very important basic concepts due to the lack of time when they sit to prepare for their exams. This is your time to brush up all the basics as it will definitely help you with the speed and accuracy while you solve various problems.


Involve your family and friends in your GK discussions: It’s always fun to study with communication. Study hard but study smarter, ask questions, solve puzzles and have discussions with your family. Current affair is a topic for several upcoming examinations and it’s a great time to brush up your general knowledge along with your housemates.


Write your thoughts out: As many people do it on a regular basis, writing your thoughts out definitely helps. It's a good way to communicate with yourself and feel free. If you don’t want to write down your thoughts, you can definitely write down the key points that you have studied for the day. Making notes daily doesn’t harm the students at all!


Home Study is necessary: Studying from home helps but you do need to know where you stand amongst your other competitors as well. Various online exam platforms are now making it easier for students to take online mock tests from home and get an idea of their preparation level. You can choose to take online mock tests and start preparing for your exams.


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