IIT JEE is one of the toughest Engineering Entrance Exam conducted by the Indian Institute of Technology every year for admitting meritorious students. Aspirants aspiring to get admission to any of the top IITs must have a minimum score called the cut-off score for advancing to the next stage. JEE is conducted in two phases – JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. Students must qualify JEE Main to become eligible to appear for JEE Advanced exam.

The JEE Main Exam is conducted two times every year by National Testing Agency. The exam is conducted in January and April. However, this year due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the JEE Main April 2020 examination which was earlier scheduled to be conducted on April 5th to 11th has been postponed. The NTA will release the revised schedule of JEE Main April 2020 examination dates after 3rd May 2020. According to the current scenario, the exam is proposed to postpone until the last week of May 2020. The exact date will be announced after assessing the situation in the upcoming weeks.


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JEE Main Exam Pattern


The JEE Main Exam Pattern has undergone some changes. The number of questions has reduced for the same amount of time. The new pattern is expected to be more difficult than before. The difficulty level is due to the introduction of the NATs and reduced number of questions. The new pattern details are as follows.



Latest changed pattern

Old pattern

Number of questions

B.E/B.Tech: 75
B.Arch: 77
B.Plan: 100

Paper 1: 90
Paper 2: 82


B.E/B.Tech: 300
B.Arch: 400
B.Plan: 400

Paper 1: 360
paper 2: 390

Number of papers



Name of the papers


Paper 1: B.E/B.Tech
Paper 2: B.Arch/B.Plan


With the introduction of Numerical answer type questions, guessings have to be stopped. The current B.E/B. Tech paper has a weightage of 20% NATs in the JEE Main Exam.



Latest changed pattern

Old pattern

Type of questions

MCQs and NATs


Marking scheme

Correct MCQ ans: +4
Wrong MCQ ans: -1
Multiple MCQ ans: -1
Correct NVT ans: +4
Wrong NVTs ans: 0

Correct MCQ ans: +4
Wrong MCQ ans: -1
Multiple MCQ ans: -1


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As per the analysis of the previous years’ JEE Main Engineering Entrance Exam papers, here is a list of few important topics of each subject that must be understood and worked upon for scoring high in the exam.


Chemistry Mathematics Physics
Biomolecules and Polymers Matrices And Determinants Rotational Motion
Chemical Thermodynamics

Differential Equation

Amines And Diazonium Salts Vector Waves And Sound
Solutions Limits Current Electricity
Hydrocarbons Parabola Ray Optics
Aldehydes And Ketones Straight Line Conservation Collision
General Organic Chemistry
Vector 3D Electrostatics
Alkyl Halide Circle Semiconductors And Communication System
Coordination Compounds
Area Under Curves Thermal Properties Of Matter
P Block Elements
Probability Units And Dimensions
d and f block elements Application Of Derivatives Gravitation
Functions Magnetic Effects Of Current
Haloarenes And Phenols Definite Integration Electromagnetic Waves
Environmental Chemistry
Statistics Calorimetry And Kinetic Theory Of Gases
Electrochemistry Quadratic Equations Properties Of Matter And Fluid Mechanics
Chemical Kinetics
Mathematical Reasoning Center Of Mass And Momentum
S Block Element And Hydrogen Sequence And Series Properties Of Matter And Fluid Mechanics
Atomic Structure
Indefinite Integration Photoelectric Effect
Mole Concept Binomial Theorem  
Surface Chemistry
Complex Numbers  
Chemical Bonding And Molecular Structure    



With only 30 days in hand before the examination, you need to prepare a daily routine that will help you cover all the topics for your upcoming JEE Main Exam. A routine will help you prepare with relatively less stress and in an organized manner. Before devising a daily routine, make sure you are thorough with the syllabus as well as the new pattern. These two are important for planning a routine. Here are a few suggestions from our end to help you score well.



With so much negativity around with almost no certainty, the first and foremost thing that you need to do is take care of yourself. Please maintain a healthy lifestyle by sleeping and eating on time and staying fit. A healthy lifestyle is a door to a high concentration level of mind. Don’t stress yourself.



It is very important to be sure that you are conceptually sound of all topics of the upcoming Engineering Entrance Exam. If you have any doubts in any chapter, make sure to clear those doubts with some help.



Go through notes taken down by you every day. Divide the chapters based on their difficulty for 25 days. Make sure to follow revising your allocated chapters for that particular day. Most of the answers to the questions are formula-based and it is difficult to retain the memory of formulas every day. Thus, divide the formulas into small portions for revision every day.



Take up a mock test everyday. There are numerous mock tests available on You can apply for Eduwhere Edge Pass which is available at Rs 99 for 1 month and Rs 199 for 3 months. Through this pass, you open yourself a pandora’s box of Mock test for JEE 2020. Through these mock test, you can devise the right question-solving approach for each kind of question. 



This is a very important aspect for securing good marks in JEE Main Exam. By attempting a mock test every day, you may devise a variety of strategies and choose the best of the rest. Solving the entire paper without the right strategy will mess up your mind. It is advisable to attempt Chemistry section first as they are more subjective and require less calculation and thus less time to solve. This will give you more time for the other two sections.



JEE Main is an important Engineering Entrance Exam for securing admission to some of the best Engineering Colleges of India. Thus, preparations for this exam should be done thoroughly. Good preparation is a relative term and thus can be measure only by comparison. So make sure to have some video-based group study with other candidates. Here are a few benefits of group study that you might want to consider if you are not opting for it:


  • Studying in a group helps a lot in clearing doubts.
  • You can also have an idea of other’s paper attempting approach and how it is better or worse than yours.
  • Through group study, you get into a competitive environment where you can determine where you stand in your preparation for JEE Main Exam.
  • Last but most important is that studying in a group is less stressful and more learning with a fun concept that helps you learn well.


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