Lockdown- A golden opportunity that students should not waste

With the increasing number of COVID-19 cases all across India, lockdown is no more a choice but a necessity. Normal life for everyone has come to a halt due to this pandemic. Social distancing and staying at home are the only ways to prevent corona from spreading further. All these measures have also affected the student life as a school, coaching centres and universities, all are closed for the safety purpose.

Now the question is, should students just stay at home and wait for their educational institutions to open to start their studies?

NO, they can't as we don't know for how long the situation will remain the same.

Rather, for the students preparing for competitive exams, this lockdown is a golden opportunity, which they should not waste at any cost. There are numerous ways students can utilize this time productively to gain something.

Make realistic goals

This is one of the most important things to kick away the boredom during the lockdown. Relook at your goals and analyse how close you have reached. For a student, this is the most valuable time as this is the time when you can identify the most important tasks and focus on them. You have got extra time to work on your weaknesses and convert them into your strengths.


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Set your routine

As the normal life is not normal anymore, you also need to set your routine as per the new normal. Prioritize your work and systematically plan your day. Don't feel that you don't have to attend classes so you can study as and when you want. Procrastination can be really harmful during this period. Make an effective timetable with the dedicated time for breaks and meals and follow that strictly.

Switch to smart study

Educational institutions being closed cannot be an excuse to ignore your studies in this technical era. Almost all the schools and coaching centres have taken the online education route to ensure that the studies of their students don't get hampered. Join online classes and switch to smart study during this lockdown.

Self-paced learning

Students can now make an effective timetable for their preparation while keeping the extra time into consideration. This lockdown has given students to practice self-paced learning and enjoy their study time by watching recorded video lectures or by simply following a timetable as per their convenience.

Take the digital learning route

If you have already studied enough for your exams, utilize this time to check how well prepared you are. Choose digital learning platforms like Eduwhere, solve online tests and analyse your preparation to make the required changes in your study plan. Such platforms not just give you the study material but also help you improve yourself by providing performance analysis reports. You can easily get an idea of the areas where you need more attention to score well in the final exam.

De-stress yourself

Getting bored and feeling low are some common phrases we are getting to hear during this lockdown. But there are various ways to stay calm, de-stress and make the best use of the lockdown period. You can read a book, meditate or practice yoga. It will not just help you work on your physical strength but also on your mental strength. Meditation and yoga will fill your mind with the positive vibes and help you curb anxiety.

Research potential programs

Students whose class 12th result is announced and now wondering what to do, this is a great time for you to understand your passion and choose the right direction. While staying at home, you can do thorough research on different programs, colleges and courses after class 12. Visiting websites of different institutes can help you collect enough information to make the right choice.

Pursue new things

With school, tuitions and coaching for preparation of other competitive exams, students rarely get time for their hobbies. Due to the lockdown, students are able to save a lot of time wasted on commuting to school and tuitions, which they can now utilize for other constructive activities like doing art and crafts, playing indoor games, some DIY activities etc. You can also join online classes for Yoga, dance etc. to relax your mind and to take a break from studies.

Lockdown is no doubt a golden opportunity if utilized well. Follow the tips given here and get ready to come out as a strong person when life gets normal.

Till then, stay home, stay safe!


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