Tips to study from home with COVID- 19


The outbreak of Coronavirus or COVID- 19 has kept all of us locked inside our homes. Most of us are working from home and trying our best to spend a productive day along with being safe. It is also a difficult time for the students as most of the exams are postponed to avoid mass gathering. 

During such situations, candidates should utilize their quarantine time in a better way. It’s good to treat this time as an opportunity to score well in the exams. But how to do so?

All the schools, colleges, universities and coaching institutes are closed. Even group studies are not possible! We understand that this time is tough. But Eduwhere is here to make it better for you.

Here are the best tips to study from home during COVID- 19.



Study from home with Eduwhere


  • Have a routine with fitness: Now that you are at home 24*7, you can just not study but work on making a schedule for your fitness along with studies. Remember, 21 days are enough to form a habit. So let's form a healthy and study in peace. Now that most of us follow the Eat, Sleep, Chill, Repeat routine. It’s time to add more productive steps to it. So let’s call it Eat, Exercise, Study, Chill, Sleep, Repeat. A fit and healthy body help in better focus and concentration while studying. So don’t be a sloth, start working out and make it a habit along with your studies. Also, don’t forget, meditation always helps.


  • Stay socially connected with social distancing: You are away from your friends and teachers because you are being a responsible person. Well done! But how do you maintain your social life and maintain social distance at the same time? You’ll definitely need new lessons, study tips, a little bit of chit-chat and group discussions to study efficiently. Take up online classes and learn from your teachers. Take this as an opportunity, you don’t have to worry about getting late for classes. Just relax at home in your pyjamas and learn! Also, don’t forget to check on your friends and discuss your study topics and pattern. It’s time we all need to help each other.


  • Done with Theory. Start practising now: We understand that often you run out of time due to your busy schedule and skip on practising and proper revision. But guess what, now you have all the time in the world. So walk into your home library and take your time to practice as much as you can. Mark your doubts and work harder on them along with your study buddies and maybe reward each other after the ‘Who solves this question first?’ contest! It’s your chance to make studies fun!


  • Get competitive with Eduwhere Edge: It's no fun to study without knowing how good you are doing in every subject. But how would you compare your preparation level with other candidates? Eduwhere to the rescue here! With Eduwhere’s Edge Pass, you can get access to 300+ mock tests and start preparing for your exams instantly. All you need to do is visit, buy the Eduwhere Edge Pass, choose a mock test and start practising. Once you submit the test, Eduwhere’s detailed analysis report will let you know about your rank and performance among all the candidates who took the same test. Also, you get instant and detailed solution for the mock tests. So start taking the Eduwhere mock tests now and ask your friends to join you as well.


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  • Don’t skip entertainment: The lockdown can be stressful and you may feel trapped. But always remember, it is for the sake of having a safer and better future. So make the most of this time for bonding with your friends and family. Maybe play a game of monopoly or cook a delicious meal with your folks. Talk, discuss, study hard, share knowledge and ideas. This shall pass too and you’ll be all set for your exam!

Stay indoors! Stay safe! Stay happy!