Ultimate revision Technique For UPSC Prelims You Must Follow

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There are only a few days left before tests, thus it's critical to use excellent revision strategies that will raise your score on the UPSC Preliminary Examination.

In order to help readers improve their exam paper scores, we've compiled a list of some effective revision strategies that some of the best students also use.

Best Revision Techniques For Improving Your Score-

Revision plays an extremely vital role in the entire UPSC Preparation. However, it holds even more important during the last few days before the examination. Here are some topper-proof revision techniques that can significantly improve your score in the final UPSC Prelims examination.

1. Mind-Mapping-

The most successful revising strategy is, in essence, mind mapping. Write the subject you want to revise on a sheet of paper. Then begin by writing whatever you remember about that subject down or revising it in your head. You'll be astonished by the outcomes! It basically instructs your brain to compile all the knowledge you may have read on the subject at various times.

2. Memory-Hooks-

Memory hooks are essential items you can connect to the main elements of your subject. For instance, it can be difficult to remember dates, but if you try to connect them to something you already know, they become easier to recall. Use this method to memorize all the significant Polity articles or historical dates.

3. Use of Mnemonics-

In essence, mnemonics help you remember knowledge by using several techniques. For instance, learn CCC FRENS, which stands for Coal, Crude Oil, Cement, Fertilizers, Refinery Products, Electricity, Natural Gas, and Steel, to learn the eight essential sectors of the Indian economy. Create your own mnemonics to help you remember lengthy or complicated information.

4. Calculated Guesswork-

First and foremost, always keep in mind that the UPSC Paper has negative markings. So, if you ever feel the need to make more attempts, make calculated guesses. By eliminating the possibilities, you should only take a risk and mark the choice you believe to be the correct one if you have a 50% chance of being correct. Otherwise, it might be best to ignore the query.

Final Tip: Belief in yourself

You've done enough studying to ensure that you'll perform at your very best in the final exam. Therefore, try to maintain your composure. Best wishes!

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