What are the mistakes one should avoid while preparing for UPSC?


Given that the UPSC CSE is one of the toughest tests in India, it is normal for candidates to err from time to time. If you are truly studying for this exam, there are a few errors you must never make.

Here are several errors that all hopefuls commit frequently. I had created several of them as well, but happily, my professors helped me find the solution.

#1 Studying without a Plan

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.’ This statement is apt for UPSC aspirants.

Before you begin studying for India's most difficult competitive test, make sure you have a solid study strategy. The IAS test preparation procedure is lengthy and demanding. You cannot cover the complete course without a study strategy. Make a plan for your studies and follow it.

#2 Neglecting Newspapers

Because they are aware of the advantages that reading the newspaper has to offer, intelligent UPSC candidates routinely consume well-known publications like The Hindu and The Indian Express for consuming their daily Gk question answers

#3 Referring Too Many Books for Preparation

This is also another error that UPSC hopefuls frequently do. Using too many books as references for a single subject or topic can only create confusion and mayhem. There is no doubt that the UPSC curriculum is extensive, but this does not always mean that you must consult every book in order to prepare. You should be careful to gather the correct knowledge, thus you should refrain from reading books that aren't relevant.

#4 Not Making Notes During Preparation

What would you want to do when studying in the last month before the UPSC exam? Reread the full syllabus or fast review it with notes? Aspirants with wisdom will think about the latter.

Quick summaries are simple, convenient, and take less time to read through. I used to get pre-written notes from PrepLadder for every topic, which helped me save a tonne of time. You have self-prepared notes as well, however, I advise getting assistance whenever you can to save time.

#5 Not Taking enough Mock Tests

You must remember the adage "practice makes perfect." The greatest way to gauge your preparation and test your knowledge is to complete mock tests. You must pass the preliminary examination as well as the written test to advance to the final interview stage. Only by taking lots of practice exams will you be able to overcome these two obstacles. They also support confidence-building.

#6 Ignoring Revision

If you are unable to remember even one of the topics you have previously studied, there is no use in learning at all. Reviewing what has been examined is crucial. Humans have a propensity to forget information over time, and the UPSC syllabus is extensive, laborious, and difficult. Therefore, setting aside time for your review is highly advised. However, revision should also be organized and not carried out randomly.

To get the desired outcomes in the UPSC CSE exams, the aforementioned faults should be avoided. Prepare for the CSE accordingly with a fresh outlook.

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