Why CUET Exam is Important For 12th Students | A Complete Guide


Are you the students who looking to the appear on CUET exam? Then, this post will assist you in comprehending the significance of the CUET exam for you.

The CUET Exam is an entrance exam used to evaluate a candidate's potential for admission to one of India's 45 prestigious Central Universities. The National Testing Agency will administer the CUCET Exam in July 2023, and it will afterwards be given annually.

The CUET 2023 Syllabus is not as challenging as JEE Mains 2022, and it may be aced provided the students possess the necessary aptitude, willpower, and understanding of fundamental scientific principles. For more information, interested students should consult the CUET syllabus. There is no reason to worry because the syllabus is simple to understand.

What is the CUET exam? Why is it important for Class 12 students?

It has been noted in recent years that the cutoffs for admission to reputable central colleges are extremely high. Many students are unable to enrol in reputable universities, such as Delhi University, to study UG Courses because of the high cut-offs. Research has shown that the evaluation practices used by the CBSE, ICSE, and WEST BENGAL Board are distinct from one another.

Because some students have lesser marks than others, not all students have the same opportunities to apply to these colleges. To solve this issue, it has been determined to hold the CUET Exam, a common entrance test. After the CUET 2022 results are released, the National Testing Agency will create a common merit list, and students will be admitted based on this list.

This admission exam's primary goal is to establish a platform that offers equal opportunity to all students in India, regardless of their gender, religion, or marks on their class 12 board exam. If they pass the admission exam, students from rural areas will also have the chance to apply to central universities. To submit an application, students in the general category must receive at least a 50% on their class 12 board exam. For further essential information, see the CUET Eligibility Criteria.

The CUET exam is crucial since it aids scientific students in developing their careers. The following list includes a few arguments for the significance of the CUET Exam.

Opportunities that are fair and equal for all students Nowadays, students hope to get accepted into reputable institutions of higher learning so they can enrol in the programmes of their choice. Out of a big number of students, relatively few are able to enrol in their top institutions and excel in their studies. Students do not have an equal opportunity to select their preferred university and degree programme due to their low class 12 board scores. The emphasis placed on Class 12 Board Examination marks demotivates them.

To inspire students, the Ministry of Education recently launched the CUCET Entrance Exam. This kind of entrance exam gives each student an equal opportunity to do well on the test and subsequently gain admission to the top colleges. This does not, however, imply that the Class 12 Exams will not be given any weight. The Ministry of Education has decided to weight the Class 12 board test by 50% and the CUET result by the remaining percentage.

Subjective bias can be removed using the CUCET Exam. It can be very difficult for a candidate to gain admission to reputable institutions if they received low marks in any of their class 12 subjects, such as physics and chemistry, but they still wish to pursue honours degrees in those disciplines. The Class 12 grades have been the sole criterion for admittance up until this point. Admission to some degree programmes has been refused to students with low grades. In order to combat subjective bias, CUET Exams will be introduced in 2022.

The CUCET Exam seeks to minimise subjectivity and safeguard the interests of the students. The CUCET admission exam gives Class 12 students a second chance to demonstrate their abilities by passing the entrance exam. If the student has the desired potential, they can take the exam and do well. Even if they received fewer scores on the board test, this will enable the students to enrol in higher degree programmes of their choice.

Clarity regarding the positions and rankings of the students- The results of the exams taken in previous years did not indicate the positions and ranks of the students. Major central universities like Delhi University and Jawaharlal Nehru University did not release the student rankings because class 12 board test scores were used to determine admission to undergraduate programmes. Students were confused and in a state of anarchy as a result of not knowing their ranks. The students regularly changed colleges because they were unsure of their exact rank at the time.

The CUCET Entrance Exam has been introduced in an effort to address the issue of unequal opportunities caused by low test scores. The CUCET Entrance exam will assist Class 12 students in learning the right information on their positions and eligibility for a particular degree course.

The debate over the cut-off marks is now over. Because the cut-off scores for admission to reputable universities are so high, students become anxious. Because the marking methodology used by CBSE and ICSE students differs, so do their cut-off scores. Sometimes it is difficult for applicants to meet the cut-off marks, which results in their applications being denied. The CUCET Exam score will, however, successfully replace the cut-off criteria in 2022.

The Class 12 board exam results and CUCET scores are used to compile the merit list for admission. Even if they didn't perform well in Class 12, this offers the children a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate their abilities.

The well-known universities had their own requirements and selection processes up until the start of 2022 for admission to undergraduate programmes. They didn't adhere to any standard hiring practices. We can therefore say that the selection processes were biased.

It's possible or unlikely that the universities' particular admission standards and procedures were totally impartial and fair. Because of this, universities with high cutoffs have become more significant, whereas those with low cutoffs have not been as well-known.

As a result, the CUCET Entrance Exam was established in order to provide all colleges equal importance and prevent them from using unique admissions standards. If students pass the CUCET Entrance Examination, they will have many options.


The CUCET Entrance Exam was launched in 2023 to give students who received poor grades in Class 12 a second chance to succeed. The above section went into great detail on how crucial it is for students to be eligible to take the CUCET Exam. Due to a lack of knowledge and experience, it is difficult for the pupils to prepare independently. As a result, it is advised that students enrol in Prep Gurru, where they will receive the necessary study materials and instructions to pass the exam. The Prep Guruu will offer study guides that include key important ideas.