Why Eduwhere is the true heir to the Iron Throne of Online Mock Tets



The world is crazy about Game of Thrones. GOT fans are almost everywhere, and yes we have them in our team too. Now that the series is over and all the 8 seasons kept us engaged, we thought why not blend the passion for our work along with GOT facts and bring up something amazing for our readers.


Eduwhere is one of the emerging names in the world of online test series for candidates appearing for various exams. Here are some facts about us that makes us special and pretty much relatable to Game of Thrones.


Let’s take a look!


Strategizing and planning is our strength:


Tyrion Lannister is well known for his strategy and planning. Moreover, the way he presents himself is the reason he as always been a powerful little man on the show. We believe in Tyrion’s policy of strategizing and making a move with proper planning. This also helps us in making things easy to understand for the candidates taking up various mock tests with us.


If you choose us, you choose the reliable one:


If we talk about one of the most genuine and honest characters in GOT, Jorah is undoubtedly one of them. Eduwhere is as reliable as Jorah when it comes to the exam preparations and mock tests. Moreover, we also care about your money so the price to pay for taking mock tests with us is totally worthy.


We belong to a well-known family:


Just like the Lannisters, Starks and the Targaryens, having a rigid background is essential for survival. Eduwhere is a product by Mediology who believes that the satisfaction of the customers is the real throne at the end of the day.


We have Valyrian steel too:


Jon Snow has the Valyrian steel sword to kill the white walkers. Well, thanks to Arys for killing the Nigh King. We have National Mock tests for all the candidates preparing for a competitive exam which helps them in self-analysis. You can easily know about your ranking as compared to all the candidates appearing for the same.


We believe in being supportive of every little guy:


You might be a beginner who is getting ready for their first competitive exams. No matter if you are Sansa or Arya, we will always be your Brienne of Tarth. For whichever exam you are preparing, you will find plenty of tests on Eduwhere to help you prepare for the battlefield. Don’t worry, we got you covered.



We will hold the door for you:


Competitive exams cannot be predictable always. Any immediate change in the syllabus, exam patterns or dates can disturb your schedule. At such times, finding the latest study material and updated mock tests itself becomes a tough task. You might need someone who would be there for you to Hold The Door always when you are in such trouble. We will be your Hodor to help you with all the latest updates and preparation material no matter whatever happens. Hodor!



We have our own Samwell Tarly:


We all have to agree that Sam’s knowledge has solved many mysteries in GOT. Don’t you think gathering all the essential updates regarding the exam, study material and various tips to crack the exam is a cumbersome task? Eduwhere Community is the answer to all your worries.

















The past and the present, we deal with all:


Knowing everything about the past and the present surely helps in having a better future. Our team works like a three-eyed raven who stays updated about all the exams, syllabus, cut-offs and all the aspects to be covered for up to date preparation. We bring all these key features together and create mock tests for aspiring candidates.



If you are a GOT fan then we hope you could relate to this article well. And if you are preparing for any of the competitive exams then Eduwhere can just be the best way for you to get started. You simply need to visit our site, take the tests and know the results instantly. Hope you see you enrolled with us.


For the watch!