Eduwhere's Concept: Coordinate Geometry


Coordinate Geometry questions asked in the Quantitative Aptitude section in the CAT examination can be extremely easy if you have your concepts clear. Let’s take a look at some of the vital concepts related to Coordinate Geometry which might help you in your upcoming examination.


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All the points are located in the coordinate plane when we talk about coordinate geometry. It is all about the x-axis and y-axis.


Some basic concepts of Coordinate Geometry:


Origin is the point of intersection of the x and y-axis where both x and y are 0.


Always remember that on the right-hand side of the x-axis, the values are positive and on the left-hand side of the x-axis, the values are negative.


The same applies to y-axis where all the values located above the origin are positive and those located below the origin are negative.


A set of two numbers is used to locate a point on the plane which is written as the location on the x-axis initially, followed by its location on the y-axis. In union, the two will determine a unique position on the plane.


Here is a bit more you should know to solve Coordinate Geometry problems.


Focus on all the four mentioned formulas:


Section Formula for Internal division


Section Formula for External division


Midpoint Formula


Distance Formula