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How to access the Eduwhere Edge Pass?

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Select the Pass

Select the desired pass with either 1 month or 3 months validity

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After checkout, Eduwhere will unlock all mock-tests, valid as per the pass

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All Exams Categories

exam icon MBA

45 Full Mock Tests | 800 Section-wise Tests | 10,000 + Questions

exam icon Banking

46 Full Mock Tests | 40 Section-wise Tests | 7,000 + Questions

exam icon SSC & Railways

55 Full Mock Tests | 46 Section-wise Tests | 8,500 + Questions

exam icon Engineering

60 Full Mock Tests | 100 Section-wise Tests | 8,500 + Questions

exam icon CTET

35 Full Mock Tests | 1,300 + Questions

exam icon AFCAT

60 Full Mock Tests | 100 Section-wise Tests | 8,000 + Questions

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Eduwhere Edge Pass FAQs

Eduwhere Edge Pass is a single access pass to all the mock test series for all the exams available on Eduwhere. Users can use the Eduwhere Edge Pass from the website and mobile app.

Eduwhere Edge Pass will be available with 1 month and 3 months validity depending on the pass that you choose to purchase. You can buy a 1-month pass for Rs 99 and 3 months pass for Rs 199.

Depending on the pass that you have purchased, you will be able to access the pass for 30/ 90 days. The validity of the Eduwhere Edge Pass is mentioned on the pass once you make a purchase.

All the examinations mentioned on the website from Banking, Management, Air Force, SSC, Railways, Engineering, Medical, Law, CTET, and Insurance are included in the Eduwhere Edge Pass.

You can buy/ renew your Eduwhere Edge Pass on a monthly basis or after 3 months as per your purchased plan.

Yes, you can attempt a test multiple times with the Eduwhere Edge Pass. You can view the detailed analysis and results for every test individually from your dashboard.

All the details regarding your Eduwhere Edge Pass including the validity will be visible in your profile.

Once you have purchased the Eduwhere Edge Pass, you won’t get a refund for the same.

In case of a failed transaction, you can either call us on or drop a mail at